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I am extremely happy to introduce you all to our first story called “Dear Leslie”. This is a fictional story inspired by my favorite Disney characters and events from my personal life. This is a story of a girl who is different, quite different from her friends and the society. She believes that she can fly and reach out the sky, touch the sun and play with stars. She is a free spirit, full of life and a very special friend. She is the living example of emotions like happiness, joy, love, and satisfaction.

But she has no idea what’s coming his way the darkness, sadness, and something that make her lonely. She had never felt so sad in life. She doesn’t know how to deal with it. And yes, she has also lost her best friend along the way. Now, what she will do, how she will fight and how she survives and comes back toward the light.

Read the story of Leslie and come to know about her life. Happy Reading!!!!


Chapter 1 – Bye, bye…!!!

It was the last chance, last chance to show my talent, my skill, and my intelligence. I know I will never get that chance again in my entire life. I am trying my best to move my hands as fast as possible and just hoping that this object with a strong grip, security cap and filled with dynamic fluid (Aahh, don’t worry I am talking about my pen) help me out in this most critical situation of my life (my last exam of Engineering life). Then finally the time had come, when suddenly my answer sheet was just disappeared. I couldn’t even see it going but the sad part is I am not able to write what I wanted to.

Whooo…. I think I am taking the story too far without even introducing myself. Hi…my name is “Remy” (ohh don’t worry just a character name from my favorite Disney Movie). Now you know my name, let’s get back to the story. So, the environment around me was quite dramatic. A few minutes back when everyone was giving the exam it was different and now suddenly when it is over, I can see my friends jumping around here and there taking messages and signature from their friends as this is maybe last time they meet them. Hey but you know I didn’t bring anything to store these memories…because I want to capture them in my heart and I am sure they will be there forever.😊

I don’t think my friend “Moana” (again a Disney character..:P) thinks the same way I do. As she has prepared a book of memories with all the pictures of her friends. It was just awesome. Ohh she is calling me …

Moana: Hey Remy, can u please write message a message in my book? (She desperately wants me to write)

Remy: It would be my pleasure Moana. I will surely do that.:D

Moana: Aww!! You are truly my best friend.

Then below the picture, I have written few lines, I didn’t remember what I have written but yes surely seeing your friend happy is the best feeling that time. And then few other friends have come to say goodbye (ok ok …. most of them are girls..:p) but still, it was hard to say goodbye to your friends and even when you know this is the last time. I am looking too sad right now …but I am not I have enjoyed the whole day, I have to make sure to give messages to each of my friends and tell them they are really special to me, all of them. But then everything starts changing suddenly.

The day which is supposed to be the best of my life started becoming the worst. I can see that happening in front of my eyes but I am not doing anything about it. I am just letting it go. Like suddenly the light is getting disappeared and I am moving towards the darkness.

[Slow Motion Effect]

Too much chaos is happening around me, some are laughing some are crying some are explaining some are justifying but I don’t know what I am doing and then suddenly I heard a voice some is calling my name (shouting would be the correct word) …” Remy! Remy! Remy!”. I know who she was Leslie, I know she will come surely come to meet me and to say goodbye the one last time.

I have taken a step forward, I am moving towards her she was so happy…she wanted me to write a message for her. I don’t know what to write how to say goodbye how to tell her that she is special she is a good friend but finally, I have shown the courage and write what is coming through my heart. She can’t wait to see what I have written and then suddenly I realize it was just an imagination all going in my mind…: P

And then finally the time has come to say goodbye for the final time, everyone hugged each other, some have controlled their emotions but one thing is true everyone is really going to miss this place where they have met such a good friends. But hey I know we will meet soon again with the same enthusiasm and energy with more love and warmth for each other because “We are Friends Forever”.

But this is not how the story begins, it begins long back 4 years ago when this journey has been started. How Remy Mets Leslie for the first time,  how they became good friends and how their journey moves forward. To know more wait for the Chapter 2.

To read Chapter 2 follow the below link :

Chapter 2 – The First Meeting



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  1. Hey gaurav good work..keep 1 gud but as a frnd i want 2 give one suggestion make ur story so interesting that readers can’t skip even one line .make it more interesting.sry if hurts u .but good work.

    1. Hey Megha…I am happy u have read the story. Thank you so much for ur kind words. I will surely try and make the story even more interesting the next time 🙂 Keep Reading…:D

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