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She Can Fly


So today I am going to share something which is very close to my heart. Yes, a story and this one surely brings a smile on your face. It was summers afternoon where I and my mom are having a meal together discussing some funny incident and she gave me a piece of a sweet dish. And suddenly a little girl living next to our house was in our room and I didn’t even realize when she was there and I can never forget that smile on her face, the one that brings joy to you when u see what you love (yes she just love sweets). By the time I realize I already had that in my mouth, a patience test for her maybe(it was the last piece). But that’s the quality I love about that girl she was still happy and smiling. But hey you forgot, there was one more woman in the room (you got it right mom), she gave me an extra price she saved for herself and I just ran to call the little one and feeling so happy giving her that piece of sweet 🙂

You know I had the same feeling of satisfaction when reading about these little girls who are able to go to schools now, have a proper meal to eat and a good life. And yes it is possible, truly appreciate the support provided by Smile Foundation family for the betterment of the future of these girls. I know we all wish for their happy lives, pray to god for their dreams to come true. But I believe a little support from us will help in making their dreams a reality.


And I can’t do it alone. We all have to work together and I know you all are always there to help, share and make people smile. So anyone who wants to donate for the education, health treatments, meal and the basic needs of these girl children can follow the links mentioned below :

1. She Can Fly Campaign

2. Swabhiman Programme

3. Volunteers Support

4. Blogs

Thank you for your love and support. I know we can make it possible and always remember that.

You are someone’s reason to SMILE 🙂


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