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Chapter 3 – Just close your eyes

Chapter 3 Poster

Meet Gus, (one of my best friend from college) who is sitting on the seat left to me and I am sitting in the window seat (I mean Remy..:P). We are discussing the title of my new website project which we need to complete this month.

Remy: Gus, what do you think would be a good title for an online bookstore website?

Gus: Online Book Library or something!!! (Good try but I am not impressed: P)

Remy: Come on Guster, give me a good name ☹

And look someone sitting just behind me seems to be much more interested in our conversation. So, without wasting a sec she just jumps in:

Leslie: I saw your work. You are really doing a great job. I wish I could be part of your team.

Just to make it simpler for Gus. I asked her:

Remy: Why don’t you suggest a good title for my website? I want a good term for a book by which everyone can relate to (something better than Guster at least)

Leslie: Umm…how Pustak (a Hindi version for a book).

Guster: Add “On Click” to it that’s making it an online version.

Remy:  That’s a great idea I have got my name – “Pustak On Click” 😊. Thanks, Gus and Les.

You know what I like about my friends they make my life simpler. (Just a take away for you all both of my friends have their birthdays on the same date: D)

So, I revealed the title to my team and they seem to be very happy. We are really working hard to complete the project perfectly. But I haven’t realized when it just took over my head and I stopped talking to my friends, going out for lunch with them and even behaving like I am not a friend anymore. See what has happened when Moon (another best friend who really cares for me):

Moon: Hi Remy!! Howzz life going?

Remy: [Frustrated] Moon don’t you see I am working. DON’T DISTURB ME (without even a Please).

Moon: Ok Ok. Take care buddy (what else a good friend can do).

It was said correctly that hard works always pay off and in my case to everything just turn out well. Everyone really likes our website, they even register on it and my team was also very few. But still, I didn’t get the realization of my mistake (for keeping a distance from my friends. I never thought how they feel about it). That day has finally arrived:

When this new teacher just made me stand up (in front of the whole class) for no reason at all and asked me to explain a meaning of the word (I really don’t know that and I like that’s fine) but Buzz (remember him) doesn’t seem to have same thought process as I do. Once he got the chance and he came on the stage (the classroom stage btw: p) and just bang on to the teacher:

Buzz: So today I wanted to share a story of my friend who has really done a commendable job in completing his work so efficiently and look at us just ruin around the things and not taking our project work seriously. (he is referring to the website that I made and doing it over to make the teacher feel embarrassed he’s just a Being Buzz 😊). We all should really learn from him that you can do anything if you truly believe in it. (I think he should stop by now what do u think?).

But that’s a big NO then he called me up on stage and force me to say something (I am like being emotional in that very moment releasing that what a big mistake I have done by giving priority to only work over friendship. Real success comes from being with your friends. Lesson Learnt).

After all of that I said a few lines about my friends, everyone applauded and hey where is our Dear Teacher??? (Buzz has given him a nightmare that too at the afternoon hahahahaha).

Buzz, he is really a fun friend to be with bcoz he will keep you engaging with his jokes and opinions about others (don’t take them very seriously haha). But he’s definitely not someone to sit within a lecture (you will come to know very soon):

 Buzz: Hey Remy! Listen…Listen to me it’s urgent.

 Remy: And when he says URGENT (It means it’s not: P)

 Buzz: Are you listening to me?

Remy: Ya Buzz what happened?

 Buzz: Leslie looking at you: P

 Remy: (I know it was only to make me happy but what if that’s true) 😊

Honestly, I never looked back and check but my imagination just goes beyond everything. Does she didn’t care about the lecture oh how can that be true: P.

And the next incident was just a disappoint to both me and Buzz. We both are at our college fest enjoying various events and looking out for some interesting events that are happening. Then finally we came across this one “Couple Chemistry’ (Buzz already have plans for it).

Buzz: You have to ask Leslie to come for this event. Go and ask her?

Remy: But you know …that’s about how well you know each other and I even don’t know. How can I (my mind plays a trick here).

I gave him the same offer that he also has to ask a girl to play the game. And I know that’s the way to win over a situation with Buzz (I know him very well 😊).

 Pleaszzz doesn’t get excited, I never asked Leslie about that game (I don’t think we had good chemistry we are just good friends). Then you all be like then why so much drama and storytelling ok ok you WIN.


 That’s because it’s party time. Music is load, we all are dressed up to our best. Party was amazing we really had a great time and then it’s over. I mean it’s about to our and when all us are taking pictures with each other to capture the very moment forever. Then Flynn came up to me and said:

Flynn: Remy you should ask Leslie for a photograph.

Remy: Ok I will try (like always running out of the situation and this time out of the hall: p).

I am looking for her all around and couldn’t find her anywhere when actually Flynn realizes she’s coming my way and it was so smart of him. He started taking my pic just in that moment when she just jumps into the frame saying ‘one with me’ and I can’t explain that happiness in words (I will do btw: P) when that picture was clicked with such a big smile on my face that this moment will never come again in my life (I am that happy 😊).

And that’s called a “Picture Perfect for Remy and Leslie”.

But you should definitely listen how happy Buzz, Flynn, Moon, Pinocchio, and Pooh are after that because we reach out to Pin’s house played some loud music and they are dancing with the picture in hand like we have won the world cup or so hahahahaha. Seeing all that’s happening around was really fun. And and they have made a song for both us which was just taking it to another level: P

When you see so much happiness in your life then you might also realize that hey did all of that because of our friendship. I hope that’s true but even if not it’s just an imagination right.😉 So just close your eyes and enjoy the life.



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