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Chapter 2 – The First Meeting

It was a perfect day, bright and sunny the sun was at its best position, the earth was rotating quietly smoothly, the wind was blowing like a rhythm of music oh WoW what a great day it was going to be. And here I am (Umm…Remy I hope u guys remember me 😊) waiting at the Bus stop for my bus (usually my life goes straight without any surprises but hey I have already told you there was something special about that day). So here comes my Bus No.3(btw that’s a secret).

Yes, yes, I know whom you all what me to talk about “Leslie” …: P. So, I must tell you all the bus had a strong connection in my life, where I have seen her for the first time. So, she was there in front of my eyes the only girl wearing colorful clothes (green+yellow+red 😊I am good at remembering colors: P). She was looking pretty and beautiful, exactly of my size (in terms of weight and height…haha). And my mind keeps on asking me the same question again and again – Who is She? I wanted to do a friendship with her. (absolutely the first thought that came to everyone’s mind). But I don’t know along with friendship something else was also coming my way. (Should I say the 4-letter word: D).

I exactly remember the day when we first talk to each other. (Don’t you think I have strong connections with my memories). It was the fresher’s party conducted in the 1st year of college where everyone was on the dance floor, loud music, people were going crazy as if this was the last party of their life. And then suddenly ……

[Slow Motion Effect]

“I was hit (sorry short of words: P) by a girl and you know the best part it was the same girl I have seen on the bus. This was the time I have seen her from very close she was in front of me roiling off her eyes like a child enjoying the music & the moment of life. Trust me I have never seen someone that much happy without any reason, that shine in her big eyes. She was free ready to fly as if she owns the sky and the stars are her friends.”

Then in that loud busted music, I hear a small tiny voice:

Leslie: Heyy!! I think I have seen you on the bus.

Remy: <I am like being awkward >Maybe Yes.

Leslie: OMG we go on the same bus. 😊

Finally, we crossed each other in our own beat of the music. This was my first meeting with Leslie. After sometime party got over (but not for me: P)

We all were sitting on the bus discussing the party how much fun we had the dance the music and the food. Suddenly she also joined us and started talking. Now when the bus journey has begun she just turned up to me and said:

Leslie: Hey u dance really well. Your performance was awesome. Everyone enjoyed it a lot.

Remy: Did you enjoyed it?

Leslie: <with her cute smile> Obviously 😊

So, this was the first time we have a conversation and then we become friends.

And then each and every day was like a gift for me and that too a surprise gift. I eagerly wait for my bus and pray to god please let the bus journey go on and on just for one day: D. I only wait for the college to end and then reaches out to the bus. Btw I have already marked where she sits (I am too smart I know.) I go and put my bag ahead and then I go just to roam around meet friends. When she finally arrived, I entered the bus and I am like…

Remy: Hey what a coincidence. How come you always come and sits next to me. And she is like….

Leslie: 😊 (yes, she only does this much ‘SMILE’. I think she also knows that trick and she does not want to disappoint me I guess.)

And then again in the evening, our bus journey begins. We really had a great conversation during that time someday she used to tell me what she really wants to become in life, about her dreams and hopes. And sometimes I am like do you really think it is possible. She is like….

Leslie: Everything is possible if you believe in yourself. And you know what magic happens every day every moment you just need to see it.

I also think she was right, every day was just magical for me at least. I never thought of being so happy and cheerful in life and that was only because of her. I really enjoy sitting in that bus listening to her stories (don’t know how much they are real and imaginary) and wishing every day the same (please don’t stop the bus now pleasezzzzzz hahaha). I am on colud9 those days and enjoying every bit of it and then one day……

I am following my plan, I have reached early in the bus, my bag was at the right place and then she entered the bus (in her own swag) put up her bag (obviously besides me no choice: P). I am waiting outside the bus she came to and said:

Leslie: I am feeling so hungry. Can you come with me to eat MAGGI? (I can’t tell you how happy I am that she has asked me “Yes” I waiting to come out my mouth then.)

Remy: ***Silence***

I have seen something which has stopped me saying anything. Ohh yes, he was my friend Buzz, it seems like he was spying on me for a long time to find the reason for my happy life Hahaha. And now he heard both of us. So, my reply was just flipped around and I said:

Remy: NO (Oh god why I did that to me ☹)

Leslie was in no mood to stay hunger anymore so she left without me. (that’s the thing with Leslie she can’t be hungry for the longest time. She believes Food is the answer to every problem at least hunger: P).

And by then I know I am in trouble big trouble. Buzz facial expressions are becoming scary and I know that this story of friendship between Me and Leslie was going to reach out to all my friends.

But apart from that, there is one more feeling which was giving me confidence and deep fulfillment. I am having that feeling for the first time in my life. I am happy to be in that zone where I feel powerful, energetic and happy for no special reason. And all that was just because now I and Leslie were really good friends.

I don’t know how to explain but that feeling was really heartwarming. But hey aaa haaan it was just the beginning our story. There are lots of thing coming my way. How will my friends react when they came to know about our friendship, would I will be able to grab the seat next to her always. Would life be so happy in future as well and is the feeling is really that 4-Letter word or something else. Remy doesn’t know all of that now.

Do you want to know how this story unfolds further? But hey then you have to wait for our next chapters to come. Till then like Leslie say Be Happy and Keep Smiling 😊.


  1. Introducing Buzz Lightyear

buzz lightyear

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