The Constant Companions

Today I am happy to introduce you all with my favorite friends at the workplace. I am sure you are excited to know the stories of each one of them but hey I truly want to thank them for always being there for me. So that’s how the stories unfold.

The Constant Companions


Day 1 –

Oncall with a friend :

Life was just upside down these days yr, I don’t what’s going on. I never thought I will be in this situation at any point in my life. Introducing Sudarshan, the only person listening to all of this drama which is going on. Post the call he just asks one thing to me:

Sud – Kya bhai…girlfriend ka chakkar?

Hahahahahhaha..(both of us like)

Me – Nahi sud bhai…she is giving me career advice.

Sud – What? Time Dekha hai tune?

Day 2 –

Me – I feel like life is going nowhere….it being a constant for a while…

Sud – kya hua aaj call nahi aaya tujhe…hahaha…but the best thing you have is time…which I don’t have right now.

And I just take that though home with me. I feel like why I am not able to see that through. The next coming days are more insightful, inspiring and life-changing for me, an eye-opener.

Final Day –

It was quite a funny one for both of us we are just putting the real-life scenarios in the gangs of wasseypur style.

Sud – Bhai tu Faisal khan hai….pratush ka, nitesh ka , monu ka sabka badla lega tu…hahahhaa

After all of these days, I just realize one thing to see how some people give us a new perspective in our lives. And sometimes in life, we need companions who just remind us who we truly are. I can’t thank him enough for all the career advice he has given me, for the laughter and joy and for always being there for me.


How it feels when u just going your way and meet an old friend suddenly (a surprise kind of..). That’s how I met again this cheerful friend of mine, Chitra. After a while.

Me – How come you are here…?

Chitra – But why you are shocked hahaha…

To be honest, I am quite surprised by the enthusiasm, happiness level and warmth shown by her (that how she is in life) and that’s quite inspiring for me. Some people don’t forget the real self and I feel she is one of that kind. One of the funniest memories I have was this one, It was a fine day at the workplace and suddenly I turned up and see.

Chitra – Hiii..!!!!

Me – [Completely shocked] oooh hi….how come you are here???

Chitra – But why you are shocked hahaha…

And this time gods know why I am surprised. But still, I remember this very moment. Thank you, Chitra for being such a good friend.


And this story is like a weekend trip for me. Where I have got this wonderful friend, Ruby. I remember meeting her for the first time on a Saturday hahaha. And I always felt like we are already good friends.

I have a check shirt (yellow and blue colors in it)…sounds weird here but looks good on me and the day was over we are going home.

Ruby – Hey this looks great on you. A good combination of colors.

Me– U know my sister bought this for me. (I never appreciate my sisters choice though in my head…:P)….hahaha that’s a joke

Ruby – So you are coming to the office tomorrow as well.

Me – yup (it be boring to sit home for sure)

As far as I remember I met her only these 2 days in my life but that the beauty of life…

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known a person or been friends with that person, TRUE FRIENDSHIP is not measured by time.”


The most wonderful friend I have met in my life, Monu Gupta. The one who is truly encouraged me for doing what I love doing. I have seen him being in the most happiness phase of his life to the most difficult ones but the smile of his face never let you see the inside of him. I can never forget this incident whole my life –

So this hospital staff is not letting us go inside and meet our friend. So on day1 we just came back Sad(we can’t do much so). The next again the same situation comes across where we are stopped again and this time it was quite frustrating for us as well. Finally, we get in there.

There was an unusual silent I can feel in that room. I and Shantanu are feeling like what to say looking at him in this situation. But he is just smiling and keep on saying –

Monu – Sab thik hai yr… 🙂

I can see the pain he is going through moving a bit is so very painful. I know everyone’s wishes for his wealth but being in that room alone for so many days and still, have a positive view towards life is what is really commendable from him. And I truly feel it was his own belief and fighting spirit that’s take him out strongly from that phase of life.

I am being too emotional but hey he is the real fun when it comes to enjoying and chilling with his friends. I can never forget eating parathas, momos and every possible dish we can in that never-ending break time.

Really blessed to have a real companion like you in my life.



A Phone Call

Ok, Google What does a phone call means? – an instance of speaking to someone on the phone or attempting to contact someone by phone.

The Phone Call

It was around 11:50 am in the morning when I received a ping from Prateeksha saying hey let’s go for lunch we have some new friends to catch up with.
Meet Darry, Swathi, and Salil. Yes, so that’s where I met all of them at the food place (our canteen :P). It was the most fun time of the day we all spent together. And the conversions were hilarious and we laugh the hardest many times.

Breaking News

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s new movie was in trouble and the release date has been postponed. No reactions received from Deepika, Ranveer, and Shahid till now.

And being a movie buff we all are like what just happened. We want to know the back story for sure. And then incidents after incidents, the movie just getting into more troubles day by day. It was the prime time debate topic in the year 2018. Finally, after a few days, we received that movie is getting released in theaters. Considering the sentiments of the public, the special police force was charged at various theaters in Mumbai.

The Padmaavat Verdict

So you can call it a sudden plan, as we all have decided to go and watch the movie together. I am only watching it only for Deepika(big fan u know :P). But first time in my life I have experienced that more than the public in the theatre hall, police was there all around (quite shocking for me). As far as I remember, below two scenes are still alive in my memories:

One the Khalibali song – an energized performance from Ranveer and the last scene of the movie where I and Darry are just amazed by the visuals and the way the scene was picturized. And We all realized there is nothing sort of controversial in the film.

Waah, Taj !!!

So in the month of March during Holi festival, I visited some of the most beautiful places Orcha, Mathura Virandavan(the Lord Krishna’s birthplace) and also I got a chance to visit Agra. Till the age of 24, I have only heard the stories of the existence of  The Taj Mahal which is the symbol of love(the 7 Wonders of the world). My Mom always told me it was so beautiful that once u see it you can’t take your eyes off. And I am like I have experienced the same feeling in the past as well hahaha.

A Phone Call 

I was at Akshay’s house that day and we are having a delicious pizza(obviously prepared by Mr.Chef) along with some conversion about life. Suddenly my phone rings (having an unusual feeling at that time). I picked up the call and this is a question that surprised me for a moment :

“Japan jayega kya???”


Dance like nobody’s watching


And another performance just finishes up it was really good. I just told my friend I will be back in a few minutes. Walking alone in the corridor.
Suddenly one more friend just show up and told me ‘she was her only a few minutes back’ and I am like but Who? Confused. Let’s start from the beginning, it was a new year bash party happening at Trivandrum campus of our organization.
One of my best friend from college was also there, she came one month before me and we still didn’t meet yet. But I never imagined I am going to meet her like this :

Passing through I just saw a girl in a red dress, she was Prithvi. It was our first meeting in this place, she going to perform tonight her name already announced on stage

Gaurav – Hey hiii what’s going on? (Wrong question in my head)

Prithvi– I m good. All good 🙂

And she just ran away and as a kind gesture she turned up and said – Meet you soon!!!

I went back and her performance started, she was truly fabulous dancing so well and oh man I can only hear the cheerings. Surely everyone loved her performance.

She told me sometime back how much she loves dancing. It was the first time I saw her perform live.

And like she said we meet again (this time I am amazed).

I and my friends are sitting outside the girl’s hostel on a Friday night when she showed up again with a backup(already in a hurry to leave :P).

Prithvi – Hey Gaurav, Kaise ho?

Gaurav – ???(Not even started)

Prithvi – Actually I am going with my friends to Varkala. See you soon !!!

Hahaha…now what is this? But hey again with a kind gesture she sent me a sorry message next day.

After all of this, we are still good friends. One thing I truly appreciate about her, she knows what she loves (like dancing) and I have always seen her happy and with full of energy,

Be like the way you are always…Miss earth.


It was a garba night and we all have attended the function for the very first time in our lives. Loud music, good food and most of the people are wearing proper garba dresses. We all are little hesitant to go and dance freely but Anubhav, was full on with his energy and encouraging to dance as well otherwise we will just waste the time. Slowly everyone started enjoying the beats of garba , we have formed a large circle and dancing gracefully with music. The joy in everyone’s face was extremely heartfelt to see.
And one of the favorite songs (in which Deepika look amazing) – “nagada sang dhol baje”, it seems it was DJ favorite too(he was playing it in a loop). Then conversations begin –

Anubhav – Tiwari, chal thoda aage chlate hai waha log mast dance kar rahe hai

Me – Haan chalo bilkul.

We went there and truly the energy was amazing, they are doing proper steps and quite perfect. And then we also started dancing(in our own style) suddenly we both have observed after each circle we complete,
some new people join us and started dancing with us. We thought it was just a coincidence but it happens quite a few times. The more interesting part is when beautiful girls started joining our circle.

In the following years, we again went to the garba nights, but never felt the same amount of joy we had that day. It will surely be in our memories for a very long time.
And I still believe the same thought –

“The common thing I found between us is that we both are living with the memories from the past but the only difference is …He is happy with his memories and I just want to repeat them again.
And when every Friday’s you receive the same call: Bhai !! weekend pe kya kar raha hai??”


Me- Akshay bhai jaldi kar na thoda, already late hai hum log

Akshay – hero log ki entry late hi hoti hai bhai

Mayank – Bhai tumne pune se bulaya hai logo ko milne ke liye. Chalo yr…

So finally we reach the place we all decided to meet(5-6hr late it was 11:30pm in the night) and Pune girls are like we are going back now. And the plan was almost at the stage of canceling.
But finally, it works we all decided to go to the club nearby it was a nice place rooftop dance floor and lots of crowds. Music was good but there was less space to dance 😛
Also, everyone wants to sit and chill but hey Akrati doesn’t seem to follow the same. Another few minutes and she was also on the dance floor, enjoying the music and yes she dances really well and it was delightful to watch her dancing so freely and like nobody’s watching.

As the likability of songs matches one by one we also started joining the dance group. And I saw she is already dancing with other groups but it was too much fun dancing with your old friends and feeling the same enthusiasm which we use to in our college days.
I still exactly remember that only me and Akrati are dancing (music was even louder now) I love dancing but more than that she loves it even more. she was so happy and just want to keep on dancing. The steps were perfect on the beat and every time she gets it right that smile on her face says it all.
The feeling was special to see your best friend being so happy at that very moment.

I wish your love for dancing keeps on increasing in the coming years, Akrati.




Happy to introduce you all with a new section called “Friends Corner”. So we will share interesting stories of our friends. Hope you all enjoy reading them.

So this week I have chosen 4 best friends from different phases of my life – school, college, and work. And trust me these stories are close to my heart. Read them to have more insights about my friend’s life and how it crosses over my life too.


#Story 1

It was a very unusual day for me so far not very good you can say. But hey you never know about surprises life is going to throw at you. Since our facility was on leave, others come to engage the class. There are 2 girls and one gentleman so they interacted nicely with the class and some discussion has started.
One of our friends was standing and explaining something. As usually I am not listening and thinking of something else at that point in time which our gentlemen has also observed. So he told me to stand up and ask me the meaning of some English word (which I don’t know till date) so I said I don’t know and sit down. But my friend, Mayank feel like you who is he my best friend how can you do this with him. So he went on to the stage and started praising me a lot and he said :

“I really want to say something about my friend,I have learnt that hard work, ambitions and passion will always make you succeed in life(he is actually refering to a project I have done in college. And not only me everyone should learnt that skill from him. He is truly a gem , he helps everyone and take care of his friends very much.I am feeling like truly emotional and tears are just to come out of my eyes.”

Everyone starts clapping and cheering for me. Ohh we forget about our gentlemen he magically disappears from the classroom after listening to all of this. That day I learned one thing about Mayank that he truly cares for his friends and I am so proud of him.

#Story 2

This is the day we all are short of one thing TIME. Actually, we are supposed to catch a train and only a few minutes are left. We are around 14-15 friends traveling together. Some along with few others have managed to have our seats while few of them are still at the station left behind. I just step down to see if anyone needs help and then I met Aakanksha Singhal, I told her to get in the train. As I saw one more friend struggling with her heavy luggage but hey TIMES UP. The train started moving forward so we just get in from the door in front of us. We assume that Akanksha also gets in but then came the call.

She was still in the station thinking that we all left and leaves her alone. So she started crying(extremely sorry for that), all people gathered around to help her. But the moment she came to know there are others as well around then she is completely fine.

But this incident even today when it crosses my mind left a smile on my face that see how sometimes situation came as surprises in all our lives.

#Story 3

This one friend is truly special and the way he has handled all the situations coming his way is really inspiring for me at least. My mom always told me, see how even after going through so much he still stood up and living his life happily. I also feel the same way about him. I am talking about my school friend, Shashank Kashiv. When I met him in school for the very first time my mind correctly told me to be friend with him at your risk. He is hilarious make you laugh all the time, don’t take life very seriously(my assumptions) and good looking too.
But as the life moves forward, he emerges strong much more than I have imagined.

So kudos to you Shashank for giving me so much respect and being there for me always.

#Stroy 4

Now, this is my very favorite story. A one which even I don’t why I remember as well. It begins with a room where on one side decision makers are there and on the other side we students. And there comes a point where only me and Nancy are in front of our facilities(as all other friends choose to go out of the room) trying to explain our point of view. But I believe that was not the right time so I hold her, to stop as the discussion is going in the wrong direction and we are far away from what we want to achieve. We came out and that when she turned up to me and said :

Nancy – Hey Gaurav, thanks for being with me in that situation.
Gaurav – and I am like always there for you my friend.

That moment always feels special which make your friendship even stronger. She is truly a dear friend of mine. A girl with a golden heart.

So these are my friend’s stories. Surely many more to come in future with many such great friends. Hope you all enjoy reading them. Do let me know your favorite story from the above mentioned once.

Happy Reading !!!!

FlashBack 2018

January 1st 2018

It was a bright sunny day, I wake up early that day..its new year and as my mom says its the first day of the year(things you do on this day last for at least a year). So I took a bath, pray to god and go out to meet my friend Nikhil (I believe now you all know him better:)

I forget to tell you the surprise we are going to attend a techfest @ IIT Bombay and this place is truly dreaming place for me. I always wanted to visit an IIT campus, see here I got a chance to be in the same. It really great experience there – beautiful campus, technology geeks, some great inventions and lots of young aspiring engineers(like I was a few years back). Ok, there are many girls around as well and we enjoy the environment. One more interesting thing is food stalls (tasty Indian food), now who can resist that.

After some time one of my friends also jumps in to meet us on the campus. Anliesh (my controversial friend hahaha) bcoz post meeting him this happen –

“On stage, competition is going on hosted by a beautiful girl now it’s obvious to participate in that for him. And we as a friend are also cheering for our buddy. The best part is he won the competition, and then THE END (like the same happens with him all the time :P). But hey still he is my best friend the one who is available for me all the time”.

So overall it’s a great day. A kick start of this very new year. Hey there a lot of surprises for me as well so let’s move ahead.

The Last Day

Exactly after two days, I have a big day coming as its a chapter end of my life. I am leaving one of my favorite organizations and also all the friends I have made during this course of time. It was hard for me but as they say –

“You may not always end up where you thought you were going. But will always end up where you are meant to be.” 

It was a nice day altogether my friends arrange a farewell party for me. Cake cutting and yes gift (I just love them :). Just recollecting I have started this journey in 2014 from a place called “Trivandrum”. It was truly a great working experience for me and I am grateful of all the people for making me a better version of myself.

New Beginnings

Another important day to start up a new journey of my life, that really feels special but to see more young talents like you make it’s more exciting. So we all meet up to share our experiences. We all are like the newborn once who don’t know what to do (we don’t have access as well by that time). Surely there are few highlights from which we can take our eyes off:

  1. The Dome – It was really beautiful and finally we came to know it is a meeting room which even we can book, the view is just perfect from there.
  2. Open Air Aquarium –  Honestly, I have seen anything like this for the very first time in my life. There are different kinds of fishes(with different attitudes as well, some are lazy, few are jumping here and there – very active and some want to come out and see the world it felt).

Another big question in all of our mind is how the food? And it is not that bad (good in many terms) there are many options for everyone to have food of their choice.

Donut worry be happy

So I have met her the very first day, Prateeksha. There are many common things like we came from same organizations (I found only one hahaha). So this is how the story unfolds –

We both are in the canteen, we end up having good food(I don’t exactly remember what we have that day) but who cares too. So, as a sweet dish (gulab jamuns) are available (in few numbers by that time). I like them surely but my friend she just loves them. So I am standing there having 2 pieces of gulab jamuns (now any decent human being will have one and offer one to his/her friend) but no she had it both of them 😛 and I am like what just happened with me(u can’t do that in my mind hahaha). But then I looked at her expressions and then I thought I will have it some another day or so. She is so happy after that.

I have learned one thing from her that day see how we all get too busy with our lives that we forget to enjoy little things in our life(which truly gives us happiness). Yes, that is another quality that my friend is having.

But now I have got a new friend happy cheerful and one who values the friendship most.

So this is how the start of 2018 was very memorable for me. But there are a lot of surprises this year has given me. Surely lots of stories are coming your way. Keeping checking this space.

Happy Reading!!!!

Episode 4 – My Photographer Friend

We are far away from our friends…speed approximately 120kmph like a supersonic wave (heavy terms: P) and here I am in the back seat of the bike (only one thought was going through my mind why so fast buddy what’s the thrill ???) but hey you should not ignore the passion my friend has to reach up to that speed with his bike (Name!!! hahaha I only the color red and white…it’s kind of sports bike). And how I should I describe him matching helmet with the bike (like a power ranger one), knee and elbow guards. How can I forget his jackets and shades (Please don’t mind the choice of color) and this friend who was riding the was Aadarsh Bisen. This was the only version of Adarsh 1.0 there are more to come.

Image 1

I really didn’t remember when we became friends no special story, no tragedy nothing. We just had a conversation or so and yes, we are friends by then (it is that simple to do friendship with him). So, let me take you through his journey …be ready to laugh, cry and to give out a pose for next picture (he is a professional photographer…: P).

Roll No. 1

We all live in a world where we want to be best or to be called one and at times we subject ourselves to a Numeric number ‘1’ (my birth date btw). But in this case, I see no advantage of being Roll No.1 in a classroom of 60-65 students. And then when suddenly faculty shouts roll no. 1, and our young friend dreaming of some venture, sitting at the first bench was not even aware of saying “yes” hahaha (he was same biker friend bisen). And the moment he realizes it was already rolled no. 5(and everyone was like how can you forget that..:P).This was the story of each class and lab we had at that time(oh the best time of our life…college days 😊).

The second major disadvantage of being No.1 (especially for aadarsh) was that situation where the first most likely question asked by external was:

“Beta kya padh kea aye ho?”

And our clueless bisen thinking of ye kon se subject ki baat kar rahe hai…(hahahha) but hey he does handle the situation well and then that celebrity walk he has shown up fearless, confused and cool (like he didn’t get it man…: D) made everyone even get scared and terrified. Everyone just rushed up to him asking “Kya Poocha ??” (and everyone was interested in the questions…: P). I always feel that it’s kind of unfair to expect so much from him and especially when he was not doing something of his own interest (like engineering ☹).

But hey that’s the simplicity and humbleness of him, that even knowing all of that he never disappoints, he was always ready to fight that battle and come out of it like everything was fine. This really made me realize that the person who has all the answers is not the one who should be entitled with No.1(that happens mostly) but the one who has taken up the challenge knowing the fact that he is going to lose it anyways deserves it.

And that’s why I can proudly say that he is my friend “Aadarsh Bisen” (my roll no. 1 😊).

Last Minute Revision

We all are standing outside of the exam hall someone was doing his fifth revision, someone was sharing his own knowledge and expertise, someone just wants to remember what they have learned. Some are preparing some tricks which will help out in the exam. Then comes Mr. Bisen asking for help so that he could be able to write something relevant to the topic or question.

Oh, he has reached out to the wrong person Akshay Nanda (Mr. Reviser…: P):

AB: Bhai ye wala topic thoda samjha na please?

AN: Dekh bhai, ye toh tab samjh aayega jab tu phele ke 2 topic ko bhi padega.

AB: 2 aur??

AN: Abe zada time nahi lagega abhi samjhata hu main bus ye revise karlu (only 5 min left to go in the exam hall come on Mr.Nanda).

Finally, the confused bisen reaches out to the perfect help he needs at the last moment Anubhav mishra:

AM: Dekh bhai zada dimaag mat laga. Ye esaa hai, ye wesa hai bcoz baki parso jo movie dekhi thi uski story aur ye diagram: P

AB: Ho gaya itna hi, ye to easy hai. Abhi kitna ho gaya?

AM: Ye ho gaye tere 2-unit complete baki unit Aastha se pooch lena.

AB: per kab?

AM: Abe exam main bhai. Pass ho jayega to chal andar abhi: P

And trust me he always come out of exam hall very happy after that saying bhai maine toh 4-unit ka likh diya. Aur ek supply bhi leli wo Nema ke pass ek extra thi na…: P

Yes, he is that super cool and easy to go towards his life. But life is not that simple and neither the situations that we faced every day in life (remember to have some tissues before you move further).

And He cried & cried…

The day was unusual, the situations were quite disturbing I am talking about our lives at that point in time. Everyone was busy in something or the other project, assignments, campus placement (college days were near to an end). And then I sudden see Aadarsh sitting on the Chair and crying (Mayank & Akhil were already with him), we all also reach out there. I am not able to understand what’s going on here. I exactly remember everything –

We were in our computer lab and all the students from CS1 and CS2, morning time (we were waiting for lecture to get started) and suddenly this happened. He was crying hard, loud like he has lost someone or something very close to his heart later I realize he was lost, lost in the darkness where there was no light of hope, happiness, love anything (he’s from Balaghat, he lives on rental basis in Jabalpur alone yes). I have not seen any of friends crying that openly (maybe I am lying but hey) he has no words to explain what was going on with his thought process. I don’t know what to say or If my words would really help him to recover. The conversation was somehow like this:

Aadarsh: Crying out loudly. Main kisi kaam ka nahi hu yr. Kuch nahi aata yr mujhe kuch nahi. Kya kar raha hu pata nahi(words are also getting fumbled).

Mayank: Giving him a tight hug. Aacha thik hai bas koi baat nahi. Tu roo mat atleast. Apan sochte hai kuch.

Referring to everyone, dekh abhi sablog ki life main hai tension, Akhil anubhav aur merko company main select hona hai, Nanda ko GRE karna hai, Tiwari ko GATE dena hai sablog essa karenge to kaise chalega kya.

I know he was trying his best to get him out of the situation. I am just thinking what should I say how to tell him whatever he was going through was tough and we understand that but only he was the one who has to face the situation.

Aadarsh: Main kya karunga life main aage kuch nahi kar paunga.

I dont remember the time and how that day just passed. We all are also worried about him.

Mayank: Mujhe lagta hai kisine kuch to bola hai isko pata nahi abhi.

That day has really shaken me up, not bcoz my friend was crying too hard. But by understanding that usually, we all have that tendency to hide our real self to us only (inside) and showing out the smarter, gentler and simple human being (outside). But that is not the case always. We all have our own struggles and we have to fight it. The best thing I found about aadarsh was that he has the courage to cry out loud in front of his friends (which really signifies the faith he has in all of us) but hey that’s not the end here. After all, he has found his passion and moves ahead in life.

My Photographer Friend (my fav tagline that’s why I am using it here too…: P)

He always knew it but sometimes it just takes time to reach our goals or even to find them. But hey finally my friend has found it.

Photography, oh yes that’s his real passion and now he has that perfect camera to capture the best moments of his life’s… DSLR (thanks to his Bade Bhaiya for this). And the moment he got it, I can see that spark and liveliness into his life that has been lost somewhere in the middle days.

So the best part is that he is not a camera expert initially (like the one who knows all the technicalities and technique to take a picture) but he has that creative mind to decide what exactly looks good and how to do it differently.

There are many advantages to have a DSLR friend ohh the female friends just got double, we have pictures captured for each and every moment of our life. More likes on social media (apni dslr wali dp pe …: P).

But the camera is not the only reason for the huge friend circle he has, it was his friendly nature, always ready to help kind of attitude and hey you should Smile bcoz by now 5 to 10 photos were already clicked if you are with bisen.

I have literally seen him living with the camera day in day out. He really loves clicking pictures of unusual stuff (beautiful girls too: P) with his camera whole long day.

So finally, he has completed his Engineering and then moved forward to do what he really wants to do in life. (see it’s that simply follow your heart).

Some of the my favourite pictures clicked by Aadarsh :

Podcast With Aadarsh Bisen

You can enjoy my conversation with Aadarsh on my podcast show. Since by now you all know Aadarsh very well I believe you all really enjoy our podcast. Happy Listening!!!

Final Words

I am happy you have found your passion for life. Just keep on doing it for the rest of your life. I really want to thank you for all the pictures you have clicked and some of the best moments you have captured for us.

Really wish you all the best keep clicking photos, make more friends, bring up a smile on their faces as you do and ….

“Keep Capturing the Life…… 😊”

You can be friends with Aadarsh via Social Media:



Episode 3 – Bas Itna Sa Khaab Hain

It was exactly 3 months back when it was extremely dark up in the sky, winds were blowing much faster than the normal days (I mean the hot and sunny once: P) and weather forecast team has already declared a high alert in Mumbai. It was afternoon 3:00PM when this new was flashing in every media houses and we could see glimpse of the outside situation how people are stuck in traffic, it was water all around the places, the life line of Mumbai (Local Trains) were also stopped.

Don’t you think it was such a dark start to my story (don’t worry this is not a horror one.: P). Now let’s meet our friend who was still busy in day dreaming (I am sure he was at some beautiful location with a girl trying to impress her with SRK dialogues – “Nikhil, naam to suna hoga!!!! 😊”). Omg I forget to introduce my friend “Nikhil Khedekar”.

Trust me he has no idea about the weather outside. Ideally, he should be at home but he even doesn’t watch news channels (he was surely going to be in trouble). So, our friend he is a Mumbaikar as you know by now, a superb painter/sketcher. SRK fan (clearly from his dream…: D) and a young boy with lots of hope and aspiration in life living in the city of dreams. (Like that song ankhoon main sapne liye ghar se hum chal to diye jaane ye rahe le jayegngi kaha..:P).

Breaking News :Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm Hit Mumbai, Sky Turns Dark 

At 4:30PM, we are all instructed to leave the office as early as possible as it was continuously raining and transport services are highly impacted by the same. Everyone was a bit scared at that time and really for the first time in past 2 ½ years I felt like it would be great if my family was also here in Mumbai with me. (I will feel more secure at least…:().

Then suddenly I received a call from Nikhil’s father saying to take care of his son and not let him go outside alone (I can feel the anxiety and tension in his voice). I respond back by giving him assurance that I will take care of your son. He insists me to come to their home as it would be safe for both of us. And trust me I felt so heart warmth that finally I found a family in Mumbai. 🙂
Really it took around 5-6 hours to reach his home that day and his parents are also waiting for us from very long. Even my parents felt relaxed as now I got a secure place to spent the night at least.

I really felt like being at home once I reached there. His mother had prepared a tasty dinner for us and it was a truly a heart-warming gesture from his family.

A Talented Boy

After few days of our friendship I came to know that he does painting and sketching very well. I come across few of his art work when became friends at social media. I found a different approach in his painting style. I saw sketch of some famous personalities which he had made and he is really able to draw the emotion on paper very well that they look real (hmm quite an artistic review 😊).

I feel the reflection that comes through his work is really honest and innocent (that is how he really is as a person).
You should also take a glimpse of his work:

Jabra Fan

I know this title suits me very much but I am sure even Nikhil deserves this one equally as he is also an ultimate Shahrukh Khan Fan. But that is really something which has made us good friends quickly. We use to discuss about SRK work, movies, dialogues, songs and it was an endless topic for both of us. The one more common this I found between us is the goodness and values we follow with regards to our friends and dedication towards the work is quite same.

Since we both are Jabra fans of the best lover in the world (u know who is he…: D) we do believe in the magic of love.

A Younger me

I am the youngest in my family (sabse jawaan I mean: P) so I never really had a chance see how it feel like to be elder to someone. With Nikhil I feel like he is my younger brother (#famousquote Brother from another Mother. :)). I felt really young when I saw his energy level, enthusiasm and passion towards the life. I believe whenever I am with him some of his energy gets rubs on me as well. I also started feeling much younger, smarter and cooler at the age of 24.
I really see a younger me in him (although a year younger only: P).

Podcast With Nikhil Khederkar

You can enjoy my conversation with Nikhil on my podcast show. Since by now you all know Nikhil very well I believe you all really enjoy our podcast. Happy Listening!!!

Final Words

I really wish him all the best for his career. I hope you will be same like the way you are now in terms of believes, thoughts and energy level. I know you have big dreams and aspirations to fulfil but remember my friend It is important to achieve success in life but you have to take care of your friends and family.
And ya you must believe in yourself because my boy only you have the power to change the world.

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