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About Me

Hey , I really don’t know what to write in this section about myself. Truly speaking I am not very sure what kind of person I am. Like sometimes I react(in situations or with people) completely opposite of what’s going on my head and even far away from my expectations. Where as sometimes I behave like none of my friends are expecting me to be like that. So from this I came to the conclusion that this is me. Who reacts and behave depending on the situations and people around me. That’s true but not always. Because there is more to the story. I am also a kind of person who has certain values, principles and believes which I strongly believes in. Don’t you think I am taking myself very seriously. The answer is yes because sometimes I become serious too. Through all that I have told I don’t know what image you all have about me in your minds. But let get back to old days and have a look at the past.

Thursday, 1st April 1993

The first day when I entered this planet called “earth”. I must tell you the feeling is same as if you enter the first time in your classroom and wondering who all are theses people Hahaha. Really I didn’t remember. But I have story to tell. (That’s one of my secrets I am a storyteller). As told be my mom I am so excited to come outside that I jumped of in the 7 months itself( yes I m premature). Doctors said I am too weak and need special care which my parents provided to me and yes I survived. Remembering childhood , I am the cute little boy who always agrees to what elders even sometimes younger say so they all really loves me. We all need that kind of person who agrees to what we say. I am that to like my mom defines my personality with these abbreviations “yes/ok/alright/Haanji”. I can never say No* (* condition’s apply 😛 ) to anyone and when person really needs my help. The fondest memory  of my childhood  is me playing cricket in my passage with me only. I play the 11 players game all alone in my house and enjoy it to the fullest. I doesn’t mean I don’t have friends but I don’t know I love this my kind of cricket too much in which first I bat half the innings with my cool MRF bat of my size only and then ball to the “stool” we have in our house which bounce back the ball towards me and I try to catch it and take the wickets of imaginary me. But this has emerged a good quality in me that I always feel happy and cheerful even when I am alone. And then…

The School Begins

The first day of school is same as the first at the earth. When my sister came to look after me in the recess and called me. I am crying and taking my bags pack , telling her lets get out this place sister. But from the very next day it has become a place which I never wanted to leave from then. I am really good at studies and I really enjoy that. It also because of the fact that my mother always use to keep me and sister sit back to study from 6-9PM daily. Even sometimes we only just open the books and pretend that we are studying. I remember in our summer holidays we use to wake up early finish up our vacation homework in morning itself and then enjoy whole day. The best part is that I love summer holidays we got off for around 50 days. I forget to mentioned the important thing I studied from “Kendriya Vidayalaya GCF No. 1 Jabalpur”. Very few got this opportunity to study here I have got the same because of my dad , he works in Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur. So we are discussing the holiday times. I used to love watching my favourite cartoons and I must tell you my all time favorite was “Disney”. They are just best at what they do and so I could feel the love from the characters they introduce.  We will discuss about these later on for now we come back to me(Self obsession :P). I have lots and lots of friends in my school days , they are just the best. And since I am the small, thin and cute one they all really take care of me. I have got opportunity meet such wonderful teachers in these 12 years of my life, and those lessons taught by them are tremendous.(Not the text book knowledge hahaha.). I have really enjoyed my school time very well and we will surely discuss about the friends which I have made in my school days. The one thing I would like to share , whenever we have a new student in our class. I am first one who goes up to him and talk to him and make him my friend. I don’t know the exact reason but I really like to sit down and hear the story of my new friend which obviously no body else knows. So along with my old friends, my count of friends keep on going as every new person I met was added in my friend list(Not the one Facebook have). So this is how this journey of my school time passes away like a dream and one day I realize oh its the last of the school. But I know what to do next with my life yes you are thinking it right “Engineering”.  But before going to my engineering life I must tell you I have already learnt a lot in my school because of my friends and teachers. I know how to enjoy the success by sharing ,how to deal with failures by learning from it  and how to love people around you by falling in love for the first time.(I know the question coming your mind are “Kon thi wo ladki??”..hahaha) aur phir…..

Engineering  Ka Safar  

Just to begin, I have completed my BE from Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences Jabalpur. This place is also very special to me for various reason which we will talk about later point in time. I can say it in simple words, engineering for me is like a cake walk. That to with a cheery at the top. I clearly remember the first time when I go to the college for admission with my sister and father. A special mention to my sister here as I have follow his foot steps till now even. We studied in same school and now the college is same too. Destiny really take me closer to my sister. So on the day I got the admission I already knew this journey is going to be real fun , one because of the environment and infrastructure that the campus has and second is because of the stream which I have chosen Computer Science & Engineering. I have already started loving the world of computer from my school days when I have choose the subject Information Practices in my 12th Standard. It is also very important to mention that this is one of the best college we have in our city till now. The next very thing that happen to me when I met such a wonderful people from all the prestige’s schools of our city at one place who willingly or unwillingly are at the same place in the same room as I am. So here the first day is not the same as the one in the school except that my sister still came to meet at the interval to ask how I am feeling. But this time there is a big smile on my face and I just want to thanks him for taking me here. Then this journey keep going on from semester’s to semesters, lab work, assignments and cultural events(sometimes though). Sorry but I can’t reveal much about it at this point in time but I can surely give some sneak peeks to keep your interest further. Many a things have happen with me here, I have made good friends , special friends, foodie friends, study friends , hangout friends, sport friends and a lot of friends. This experience is the roller coaster ride for me some days I am at the peak and another day seeing myself falling down but you know the best part I am not alone in this ride , I have my friends along with me :). I know what else you all wanted to know , yes I have again fall in to love (knowingly or unknowingly don’t know). Now again the same question “Ab ye ladki kon hai???…hahaha”. I must tell you if you really wanted to know more about my life, friends and of course love keep reading. I would love to share my complete story with you guys but I must also tell you the purpose of why I am doing this suddenly at the age of 24 year(that’s my age).

Why? What? How 

The Why part is pretty simply, I always love to make friends(now you already know this) and if by sharing my story we can be the ones I would love to do that. As I have already told I am a story teller.(I can server even the boring content with full of humor and excitement that I think so).

The What part , my friends have really make it simple for me. The time that have spent with my friends in these 24 years(I know you already know my age but self obsession remember) and the kind of experience I have with them is beyond the measurement by any instrument in the world. The joy and happiness which I felt when I met them even know is wonderful. I believe they also feel the same.  So I have lots of story to tell to you all, you may love it, laugh at it, enjoy reading it , relate to your experiences or even learn from it.

The How part, I always feel sharing the content via writing it make the experience even more special. So I am going to share my stories through my blog/website. I have thought of few other mediums as well but let it be a surprize for now.


So before ending it, I would like to tell you all, currently I am working in Tata Consultancy Services and lives in Mumbai(city of dreams). I hope you guys love to read my content and love the story I share. Thank you so very much for reading this and being my friends.

Be Friends with me!!! 


Gaurav Tiwari


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