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Main Yaad Aaonga (Part-1)

The journey that begins on 11th Aug 2018 has finally come to an end. I clearly remember that day when I am sitting at the airport and thinking about my coming future. I was nervous, afraid and excited too about this whole new chapter of my life. But I never thought that it would be so amazing and beyond my expectations. Sharing some of my best memories of Japan with you all and stories of my best friends without them this experience wouldn’t be so memorable.

#USJ – Despicable Me Minion Mayhem

I agree the ride was amazing but even more special are my two new friends- Mandar and Shivani. So basically the purpose of the ride was very clear that once you come out of it “You Became A Minion”. After waiting for around 1.5 hrs we finally got into stage 1 of the ride, which is quite an imaginative process because you need to crazy enough like three of us who started believing that we are that yellow creature who loves baaanaanaa.

The fun part begins when Shivani started jumping like minions then me and Mandar as well. As a child, I always wish for friends like them, so that I express myself completely and truly at that time I am reliving my childhood. We even played “Hit the Target” game to win the Unicorn but I will not tell who wants it hahahahaha 😛 (truth is we terribly lost it because hey we are the Minions).

#The Discussions

When I was told I am going to Japan for my assignment first thought was I have to do it all alone. And then after a few days, I found a friend from that same place where I belong to – “Madhya Pradesh” (sach main MP gaajab hai sabse ajab hai :P). So, Amrut called me up, we are discussing and then suddenly he said –

Amrut – Abe tu bhi MP se hai na 😀

After that day we really became good friends and he is really my traveling buddy(as I called him up) who helped me a lot during my initial days in Japan.

By the time I started finding Samiksha in Offshore, I found out she already reached Japan. She is a multi-talented friend who is a good photographer, the trip advisor (the sado trip planner :P) and one who is ready to listen to all your life problems and give valuable advice with a disclaimer follow them at your own risk hahaha.

I really had a fun time in office because of these two amazing friends, Amrut and Samiksha. They sit in front of me and from morning to evening they just discuss some of the random topics about life, celebrities and many more. The best part was one of them is never agreed on others point and to conclude the topic they try to involve me sometimes. Trust me it is a tough job especially during the working hours hahaha(but I truly enjoy that and that laughter once the discussion was over). I am really going to miss those discussions 🙂


Me – Apke future ke kya plans hai Bhavana ?

Bhavana – Shutup yr !!!! 😛

The question was not the problem here, only the timing was wrong. Actually we are sitting on the world’s scariest ride which was about to start and to avoid the fear I ask this question. But I must say the reply was even superb 😀

Now she knows how crazy I am and but as you all know my mind just think in other dimensions. So in the free fall I just asked her :

Me – apne baccho ke naam soch liye kya 😛 (hahahaha)

And then the ride just falls down woooowww. I never thought in a small span we become such great friends, sometimes going on a ride with a friend do it all.

I never imagine myself sitting on the roller coasters going with the speed of light in Fuji Q Highland. I only said yes because of Ishan, he is quite confident and excited to go there and I am like he really enjoys the adventurous ride so we should definitely go.

While returning back to Tokyo, I remember we are discussing the whole experience and are somewhere wondered that –

Ishan – Bhai!!! humne sach main saari rides kar li yr..hahaha 😛


This place does server the best food in our area but also this place is special due to the memories attached to it. Hitesh, always use to tell me about the good food taste available here. So once we decided to go here post office (Rohit was also with us :D). The conversation happened that day was quite fresh in my memories. Hitesh told us some amazing stories from his past, he has a great sense of humor but somewhere deep down he is quite emotional as well. During my initial days I sit next to him and I realize you can have fun at office time as well if you have a friend like him 😀

Me – Dada , sitting late at office?

Akash – Haan yr kaam tha thoda 😛

Then we had a dinner together that day but most memorable was the conversation. I share some of my stories with him and the best part was he really want to know why I took those decisions (usually we don’t think about our own life decisions) but that day I felt really happy that now I have a friend who really cares and truly want you to do well in life.

Sitting next to Akash, make me realize that it is important to work hard in life but more important is to enjoy it as well and share that joy with your friends. Thank you for some amazing life lessons dada 🙂


One thought on “Main Yaad Aaonga (Part-1)

  1. My first laugh of the day. Thanks for it. Who is the real one amongst you who loves ‘banana?????’ keep writing. Witty and enjoyable.

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