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Fantastic 4

It’s a story of 4 of my friends whom I met at the best of my life(the ILP days). I clearly remember that day when I met all four of them at different timezones and that was a special day for me.

Prapurna – What do have for breakfast today?

Me – Idli and Dosa.

Prapurna – Don’t you get bored of eating same food daily?

Me – Being honest with you. I never get bored from same food and good friends πŸ™‚

Yes I must say she is the one friend who always take cares of people around her. We have weekends off so all make plans to visit any beautiful place nearby and trust me Kerala is really beautiful. So me and Prapurna became good friends during our Poumudi trip, the place was wonderful but more than that. Hey I got a best friend, that why its more special to me.

Friend – Hey Prapurna calling you!!!

Me – oh Hiii what happened?

Prapurna – Actually we are planning for trip. You can also join us.

Me – Yeah sure I will come[in my head]…actually this happened..

Me – Umm I think I have some work or may be I will not come or should I come? Sorry πŸ™

And the conversation just ended. I didn’t go with them because as you all have seen I am too nervous to say yes.

Friend – You should have said yes na , if you want to go. Why you just said No.

I learned two things that day I should always listen to my heart and other I should never let down my friends. Especially a friend like her who really cares for me.

Next on that day I meet Sofia, I guess we are meeting for the first time because we are part of the same project. She is quite interesting because I never met someone in my life who is that interested in my academics hahaha.

Sofia Tu na wo topper type hai dikhne main. Hmm kitne marks aaye the 10/12 th main, IIT clear kyu nahi kiya , tujhe coding aati hai πŸ˜›

Me – I am like arranging the answers just confused should I tell in asc or desc order πŸ˜›

But she is cool really in a way that she will tell you the truth straight. I remember that day we are just having a normal conversion :

Me – But how I can someone write any bad reviews or comments about someone. We all are professionals yr.

Sofia – Trust me we are all humans. And its not neccesssary to feel great about everyone, you are the only exception πŸ˜›

And the next very day I have got some not so good reviews of myself and I am feeling sad a little.So she came up to me and said –

Sofia – See I told you the truth. People don’t think the way we want them to think and it’s alright. She said it in a casual way but later I realized the meaning of it, you cannot make everyone happy by your words and actions or dialogues in my case. But ya you must give it a try πŸ™‚

Nidhi – Hey Gaurav! I having some trouble with my system. Can you please help me out.

Me – Yeah sure.

Nidhi – I don’t know why I am not able to login. I am putting the right password though. Just take if its get locked we have to inform the management.

Me – ohhh but why the system is behaving like that.

I checked for sometime, we even skipped our luch still dealing with same problem.And then she said :

Nidhi – I don’t know why but all the problems always come in my life. And she referred to some past incidents and I am like :

Me – Hey you know what my friends called me “Supercomputer”. I have got solution of all the problems.
[It was my overconfidence]

Finally the system got locked after the third attempt.She was scold for being irresponsible and I am really feeling sad for her. But I completly understand one thing in life you can’t solve all the problems of your friends, whats important is that you should be with when they need you.

I have met many friends who are extremely smart and intelligent. But she was just awesome she is the star performer of our learner group. She is “Pooja Chhabra“. I was amazed by the fact that a girl has topped the exam and none of us are even nearby.

So trainig hours are over and we are going back to our rooms. While leaving from office I saw her still working all alone.

Me – Don’t you think its too late to be in office.

Pooja – Yup I am just going back soon.

[And we just walk up together. How can I miss the chance to walk with Miss Topper :D]

Me – So that’s the secret of your good marks. Hard Work.

Pooja – No, I just love studying that’s it.

I just can’t agree with can someone love studying I mean is it even a hobby (in my head :P).

Me – So what else do you like apart for that.

Pooja – Shopping, Music , travelling and food. I am just a normal girl.

I just wanted to tell her you are not just normal you are stupendo fantabulously phantasmagorically magical πŸ˜€


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