Permanent Roommates

It was a Saturday morning and we have a movie show at 9:40 AM. This was the plan but actually this happend:

So now it’s a Friday morning and we were running late to catch a movie show at 9:40 AM. All to thanks to our friend Shantanubecause he did this –

Shantanu – Bhai maine galti se saturday ki jagah , friday ka ticket book kar diya 😛

We are getting ready and we are hungry too so we all decided to eat Maggi.

Me – So for how people should I make it ?

Nitesh – 4 logo ke liye. Kanika is also coming 😀

So I met Nitesh in Trivandrum during my training period. Nitesh and Kanika are college friends. So as per transitive property (of equality), I and Kanika are also friends now hahaha.

So we have finished eating maggi at 9: 15 AM now we have to go down take an auto-rickshaw and go to the cinema hall. But hey do u it is that simple. Definitely not when you live in Virandavan Society.

Somehow we have reached the cinema hall at around 9:35 AM. Oh good job we have arrived 5 mins before only. But then 🙁

Nitesh and Kanika had a fight on something. Oh gates are open lets go inside –

Kanika – Main nahi aa rahi.

Gaurav – What??? (oh god please help)

Shantanu just walks like nothing has happened hahaha. Now on one side is my favorite movie and the other side a friend. What should I do ?

So the Bollywood actor inside me said this –

Laughter ! Cheers ! Whistles

Me – Dekho ab toh bhai ki bi entry ho gai hai. Please chalo yr 😛

And finally she agrees to come with me. The movie was awesome we all enjoyed it. I am just hoping and then I saw –

Nitesh – Sorry wo zada hi bol diya 😀

Kanika – Koi nahi 🙂

Me – Awwwww 😛

Shantanu – Next Friday konsi movie book karu ? 😛