March Favorites

I am extremely happy to share this new section with you all which includes my favorite stuff like a place, restaurant, movie or mobile app. So here presenting a list of my favorites :

1. Web Series : Yeh Meri Family

My sister recommends me this sometime back and finally, I got a chance to watch this one. It was a story which will take you back to your summer holiday times and remind you of all the things we use to do as a child. Harshu, the narrator of this drama introduces you to his family. My favorite character was his mastermind friend Shanky which he uses to call when he is in trouble. And my personal favorite was Episode 6 – Chupan Chupai

In this episode, Shanky teaches Harshu how to tell Vidhya that he really likes her. So they use the old school technique and a give a slam book to Vidhya to know what exactly she thinks about him. It will surely remind you your school days crush for sure hahaha and leaves you with a smile on your face.

2. Place : Tokyo Sky Tree

This place will always be special to me as it was my first-weekend destination after coming to Japan. It is the tallest structure in Japan with a height of 634.0 meters. The Tokyo looks amazing from the top deck, surely it is a crowded place and that too in a weekend but the view from the top makes it worth waiting for. Also if you are love shopping you will surely not be disappointed as there are a lot of shops underneath it.

3. Restaurant : 800 Degrees Pizzeria

It will be a perfect place for you if you are a pizza lover like me :P. I have visited this place 2 weeks back with my friend Jaydeep San and it was freaking cold outside. Surprisingly the queue was too long and we had to wait for 30mins but the moment we get the sizzling hot pizza oh man it was extremely delicious. The best one in Japan for sure and had a great conversation with my friend about life, the career choices and ya about girls hahaha.

4. Gift : T-shirt from Disney

Now you all know I am big heart Disney fan and it was my first purchase of any Disney original product. I was so happy with the way it was properly packed and parcel to my place a bit late but that’s fine. I know it sounds overwhelming but I feel its great to surprise yourself a few times. And it looks cool on me 😀

5. Movie : Trolls

The name of the movie might sound like the online trolls on social media but it is a happy film. My favorite character was Princess Poppy who loves to sing, dance and hug the other trolls all the time. They even have an alarm set for this so after every 30 mins, they have a hug time :D. I think we should try this concept with humans as well it keeps the energy levels high. I will surely be very happy.

The big creatures believes that eating a troll will make them happy but this superstition breaks in the end when princess poppy tell them that Happiness is inside all of us, we only need to find it.

6. Songs: You might feel how can I be so romantic but trust me anything is possible when you’re in love 🙂 These are my 3 favorite songs because of the only possible reason a girl.

Hope you all like reading my favorites. But it’s not fair if I don’t ask about your favorites. So please go through the below link and vote for your favorite story :