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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani#Story 1

Me– One masala dosa, vada sambhar and watermelon juice.

Salil – Two boiled eggs.

This was our breakfast order post gym. And we are waiting and waiting…here comes Wada sambhar then comes masala dosa

Salil – Waiting !!!

ohh watermelon juice has also arrived.

Salil – Still Waiting !!!

We both were shocked how come the simplest of order is taking the longest of time #theboiledeggs

And let me tell you something about my friend he is the calmest and peaceful person (among all four of us :P)

Then this happened…

Salil – Appko samjh nahi aa raha hai..kabse wait kar raha hu main..itna time lagta hai kya ?? #theeggsareboilednow

Sir, your order 😛

The chef was too scared and I am totally shocked. But he didn’t skip the breakfast that’s his kindness.

#Story 2

MeDarry, you know I feel like I am lost in what I am doing.

Darry – Haan yr. Even Prateeksha was telling the same thing to me. I think we need to chill a bit, we are taking it too seriously.

And those words just have done the magic for me. The whole day went very well. That’s the quality of my friend, she knows what happens in reality and she doesn’t run away from it or hide somewhere. She is brave enough to face it. And honestly I am not but when u have a friend like her, u can borrow some of the qualities from your friend.

And seriously if you are not with us, who will take care of me and Prateeksha :P. So a big thank you for that 😀

#Story 3

Me– Oye kya kar rahi hai? I need one help.

Prateeksha – Bol na 😛

Me- I have a plan to meet a friend this weekend. And I want to buy a gift for her. I don’t know kya du usse?

This is the best quality of my friend, she always helps you :). So went to a store and started searching for something nice and after completing 3 rounds of the store.

Prateeksha – kuch samjh nahi aa raha 😛

And then she got her eyes on a very beautiful thing which we both felt would be a perfect gift for my friend.

After a few days…

Prateeksha – Phir kaisi rahi meeting? Usse gift aacha laga ??

Me – Main usse mila hi nahi 😛

And then one day this happens….

Prateeksha – I need your notebook…

Me – Take it from my bag.

And she again found out the gift hahaha

Prateeksha – ye abhi bhi tere pass hi hai..isse aacha toh mujhe hi de deta 😛

Me – tujhe notebook chaiye thi na..

Now If I tell you that story ends here only it will surely disappoint you so please wait “Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost”

So I know her from day one and I never thought we will become such great friends really and all of that because she knows it all. She knows how to be someone’s best friend. She always makes sure that the people around her are happy. She takes care of her friends.

So I was told officially that you are going to Japan. Who won’t be happy listening to that I am surely happy but a bit sad? My mom always told me happiness increases when you share it with your friends. And you know Prateeksha knows that too. What she did for me only a true friend can do, she sends her own happiness as a gift to me.

It was my last in India, I am thinking and thinking finally I went up to her desk and put the gift there…:)

The very next day when she reached the office, saw the gift and opens it up it was the same gift we bought together 😀 and She messages me this

Prateeksha – Finally diya tune gift 😛 Thank you very much I am so happy by the surprise.



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