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Main Apni Favorite Hoon

Main Apni Favorite HoonOk, so this is almost done, anything pending.

Friend – chalo bhi ab yr..late ho raha abhi 100 steps utar ke jana tab hostel pooch payenge. Sab wait kar rahe hai…

Me – wait for what?

Friend – You forgot kya aaj birthday party hai..:P

And the thought strikes my mind aaj toh ek aur birhthday bhi hai…shit how I can forget yr (very bad at remembering dates :P).

********Phone Ringing*********

Akanksha Mishra calling…..

Akanksha – tu mera bday bhul gaya…kya kar raha tha..?

Me – Main tujhe hi call karne ja raha tha sach main…:P

On the same day, I have marked her birthday in my personalized calendar (all my friends birthday’s actually :P). So she is Akanksha or what I use to call her in college (Mishra Ji) hahaha we have 5 Akanksha’s in our class but she is a best friend and class topper and volleyball champ and the list just go on and on.

The Scholar Mishra

I am the happiest when our first-semester exam results are out bcoz I am the topper 🙂 And it a great feeling but in the very next semester Mishra Ji topped the exams. And I don’t have a problem with that. Problem is I am working so hard, studying as per Akshay Nanda’s schedule and she was just roaming around in college all the time and topped the exam. How come this is possible 😛
Then one day in the silence I got the answer to it. I realized I studied so much out of fear of failing in the exam(that’s true) and so my I am not able to perform my best but look at her she just enjoys studying and that’s why she cracks the exams like a cake walk.
So it all about being happy and do what you love doing, the results will follow.

The Believers of God

My city (Jabalpur) was decorated with full of lightings and everyone is out there to enjoy the festival of Dushreaa.

Anubhav – Tu bas aa ja mere ghar…hume durga ji rakhi hai ghar ke samne bhut mazza aayega…!!

It was a big pandal outside his house, music was there and lots of people dancing all around us. It was a great experience looking all of that and then we went up to meet Akanksha.

Akanksha – Tu bhi aa gaya…chal sahi hai maaza ayega 😀

We all gathered for the “Arti” of Maa Durga, the whole Mishra family and I felt very happy by her devotion and strong believe with which she was doing prayers. She did every ritual properly taking care that nothing goes wrong.
Then I understood one secret that day when u strongly believe in god and there is no point worrying about anything in life.

The Volleyball Champ

It was a hot summer day in Pune, the sun was above the head and we all are just feeling tired. But she just wants to go outside and play volleyball (somebody please give her a piece of advice).

Me – tune garmi dekhi hai bahar…kyu ja rahi hai ?

Akanksha – Volleyball match and I can’t miss that

That time I thought its just another crazy side of her but later when I saw the count of trophies she has won and her pictures playing in the field. She just smashes the ball to opponents court. I am like now I am proud of you my friend.

The Homecoming

So she was going outside India to study and I just told her to meet me before going. There is no better place to meet then home. (And she never been to my home, so this was due from a long time). I have a tiny house and very peaceful, silence all around. But the moment she enters it was all loud, cheerful and full of laughter. My mom is behaving as if she got her old friend and I am serving water to them 😛
At one point I am like she is my friend Mom, please go and prepare something tasty (I very friend-obsessed). It was a great day at home we all enjoyed a lot, some old memories talk, some gossips and maa ke haath ka khana.

I always feel, from where she gets that much energy to be happy, cheerful and mad all the time. I kind of know the answer as well yes “She loves herself” so very much. I remember asking her this during our campus interviews.

Me – Who is your favorite person in life?

Akanksha – Main Apni Favorite Hoon 🙂

I just want to tell you my dear friend – “Tum hum sabki ki bhi favorite hoo” 😀



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