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The Constant Companions

Today I am happy to introduce you all with my favorite friends at the workplace. I am sure you are excited to know the stories of each one of them but hey I truly want to thank them for always being there for me. So that’s how the stories unfold.

The Constant Companions


Day 1 –

Oncall with a friend :

Life was just upside down these days yr, I don’t what’s going on. I never thought I will be in this situation at any point in my life. Introducing Sudarshan, the only person listening to all of this drama which is going on. Post the call he just asks one thing to me:

Sud – Kya bhai…girlfriend ka chakkar?

Hahahahahhaha..(both of us like)

Me – Nahi sud bhai…she is giving me career advice.

Sud – What? Time Dekha hai tune?

Day 2 –

Me – I feel like life is going nowhere….it being a constant for a while…

Sud – kya hua aaj call nahi aaya tujhe…hahaha…but the best thing you have is time…which I don’t have right now.

And I just take that though home with me. I feel like why I am not able to see that through. The next coming days are more insightful, inspiring and life-changing for me, an eye-opener.

Final Day –

It was quite a funny one for both of us we are just putting the real-life scenarios in the gangs of wasseypur style.

Sud – Bhai tu Faisal khan hai….pratush ka, nitesh ka , monu ka sabka badla lega tu…hahahhaa

After all of these days, I just realize one thing to see how some people give us a new perspective in our lives. And sometimes in life, we need companions who just remind us who we truly are. I can’t thank him enough for all the career advice he has given me, for the laughter and joy and for always being there for me.


How it feels when u just going your way and meet an old friend suddenly (a surprise kind of..). That’s how I met again this cheerful friend of mine, Chitra. After a while.

Me – How come you are here…?

Chitra – But why you are shocked hahaha…

To be honest, I am quite surprised by the enthusiasm, happiness level and warmth shown by her (that how she is in life) and that’s quite inspiring for me. Some people don’t forget the real self and I feel she is one of that kind. One of the funniest memories I have was this one, It was a fine day at the workplace and suddenly I turned up and see.

Chitra – Hiii..!!!!

Me – [Completely shocked] oooh hi….how come you are here???

Chitra – But why you are shocked hahaha…

And this time gods know why I am surprised. But still, I remember this very moment. Thank you, Chitra for being such a good friend.


And this story is like a weekend trip for me. Where I have got this wonderful friend, Ruby. I remember meeting her for the first time on a Saturday hahaha. And I always felt like we are already good friends.

I have a check shirt (yellow and blue colors in it)…sounds weird here but looks good on me and the day was over we are going home.

Ruby – Hey this looks great on you. A good combination of colors.

Me– U know my sister bought this for me. (I never appreciate my sisters choice though in my head…:P)….hahaha that’s a joke

Ruby – So you are coming to the office tomorrow as well.

Me – yup (it be boring to sit home for sure)

As far as I remember I met her only these 2 days in my life but that the beauty of life…

“It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known a person or been friends with that person, TRUE FRIENDSHIP is not measured by time.”


The most wonderful friend I have met in my life, Monu Gupta. The one who is truly encouraged me for doing what I love doing. I have seen him being in the most happiness phase of his life to the most difficult ones but the smile of his face never let you see the inside of him. I can never forget this incident whole my life –

So this hospital staff is not letting us go inside and meet our friend. So on day1 we just came back Sad(we can’t do much so). The next again the same situation comes across where we are stopped again and this time it was quite frustrating for us as well. Finally, we get in there.

There was an unusual silent I can feel in that room. I and Shantanu are feeling like what to say looking at him in this situation. But he is just smiling and keep on saying –

Monu – Sab thik hai yr… 🙂

I can see the pain he is going through moving a bit is so very painful. I know everyone’s wishes for his wealth but being in that room alone for so many days and still, have a positive view towards life is what is really commendable from him. And I truly feel it was his own belief and fighting spirit that’s take him out strongly from that phase of life.

I am being too emotional but hey he is the real fun when it comes to enjoying and chilling with his friends. I can never forget eating parathas, momos and every possible dish we can in that never-ending break time.

Really blessed to have a real companion like you in my life.



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  1. So happy hear all about, my dear friend.. Blessed to have you as a friend in my life. Friends as always and for ever.

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