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A Phone Call

Ok, Google What does a phone call means? – an instance of speaking to someone on the phone or attempting to contact someone by phone.

The Phone Call

It was around 11:50 am in the morning when I received a ping from Prateeksha saying hey let’s go for lunch we have some new friends to catch up with.
Meet Darry, Swathi, and Salil. Yes, so that’s where I met all of them at the food place (our canteen :P). It was the most fun time of the day we all spent together. And the conversions were hilarious and we laugh the hardest many times.

Breaking News

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s new movie was in trouble and the release date has been postponed. No reactions received from Deepika, Ranveer, and Shahid till now.

And being a movie buff we all are like what just happened. We want to know the back story for sure. And then incidents after incidents, the movie just getting into more troubles day by day. It was the prime time debate topic in the year 2018. Finally, after a few days, we received that movie is getting released in theaters. Considering the sentiments of the public, the special police force was charged at various theaters in Mumbai.

The Padmaavat Verdict

So you can call it a sudden plan, as we all have decided to go and watch the movie together. I am only watching it only for Deepika(big fan u know :P). But first time in my life I have experienced that more than the public in the theatre hall, police was there all around (quite shocking for me). As far as I remember, below two scenes are still alive in my memories:

One the Khalibali song – an energized performance from Ranveer and the last scene of the movie where I and Darry are just amazed by the visuals and the way the scene was picturized. And We all realized there is nothing sort of controversial in the film.

Waah, Taj !!!

So in the month of March during Holi festival, I visited some of the most beautiful places Orcha, Mathura Virandavan(the Lord Krishna’s birthplace) and also I got a chance to visit Agra. Till the age of 24, I have only heard the stories of the existence of  The Taj Mahal which is the symbol of love(the 7 Wonders of the world). My Mom always told me it was so beautiful that once u see it you can’t take your eyes off. And I am like I have experienced the same feeling in the past as well hahaha.

A Phone Call 

I was at Akshay’s house that day and we are having a delicious pizza(obviously prepared by Mr.Chef) along with some conversion about life. Suddenly my phone rings (having an unusual feeling at that time). I picked up the call and this is a question that surprised me for a moment :

“Japan jayega kya???”



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