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Dance like nobody’s watching


And another performance just finishes up it was really good. I just told my friend I will be back in a few minutes. Walking alone in the corridor.
Suddenly one more friend just show up and told me ‘she was her only a few minutes back’ and I am like but Who? Confused. Let’s start from the beginning, it was a new year bash party happening at Trivandrum campus of our organization.
One of my best friend from college was also there, she came one month before me and we still didn’t meet yet. But I never imagined I am going to meet her like this :

Passing through I just saw a girl in a red dress, she was Prithvi. It was our first meeting in this place, she going to perform tonight her name already announced on stage

Gaurav – Hey hiii what’s going on? (Wrong question in my head)

Prithvi– I m good. All good 🙂

And she just ran away and as a kind gesture she turned up and said – Meet you soon!!!

I went back and her performance started, she was truly fabulous dancing so well and oh man I can only hear the cheerings. Surely everyone loved her performance.

She told me sometime back how much she loves dancing. It was the first time I saw her perform live.

And like she said we meet again (this time I am amazed).

I and my friends are sitting outside the girl’s hostel on a Friday night when she showed up again with a backup(already in a hurry to leave :P).

Prithvi – Hey Gaurav, Kaise ho?

Gaurav – ???(Not even started)

Prithvi – Actually I am going with my friends to Varkala. See you soon !!!

Hahaha…now what is this? But hey again with a kind gesture she sent me a sorry message next day.

After all of this, we are still good friends. One thing I truly appreciate about her, she knows what she loves (like dancing) and I have always seen her happy and with full of energy,

Be like the way you are always…Miss earth.


It was a garba night and we all have attended the function for the very first time in our lives. Loud music, good food and most of the people are wearing proper garba dresses. We all are little hesitant to go and dance freely but Anubhav, was full on with his energy and encouraging to dance as well otherwise we will just waste the time. Slowly everyone started enjoying the beats of garba , we have formed a large circle and dancing gracefully with music. The joy in everyone’s face was extremely heartfelt to see.
And one of the favorite songs (in which Deepika look amazing) – “nagada sang dhol baje”, it seems it was DJ favorite too(he was playing it in a loop). Then conversations begin –

Anubhav – Tiwari, chal thoda aage chlate hai waha log mast dance kar rahe hai

Me – Haan chalo bilkul.

We went there and truly the energy was amazing, they are doing proper steps and quite perfect. And then we also started dancing(in our own style) suddenly we both have observed after each circle we complete,
some new people join us and started dancing with us. We thought it was just a coincidence but it happens quite a few times. The more interesting part is when beautiful girls started joining our circle.

In the following years, we again went to the garba nights, but never felt the same amount of joy we had that day. It will surely be in our memories for a very long time.
And I still believe the same thought –

“The common thing I found between us is that we both are living with the memories from the past but the only difference is …He is happy with his memories and I just want to repeat them again.
And when every Friday’s you receive the same call: Bhai !! weekend pe kya kar raha hai??”


Me- Akshay bhai jaldi kar na thoda, already late hai hum log

Akshay – hero log ki entry late hi hoti hai bhai

Mayank – Bhai tumne pune se bulaya hai logo ko milne ke liye. Chalo yr…

So finally we reach the place we all decided to meet(5-6hr late it was 11:30pm in the night) and Pune girls are like we are going back now. And the plan was almost at the stage of canceling.
But finally, it works we all decided to go to the club nearby it was a nice place rooftop dance floor and lots of crowds. Music was good but there was less space to dance 😛
Also, everyone wants to sit and chill but hey Akrati doesn’t seem to follow the same. Another few minutes and she was also on the dance floor, enjoying the music and yes she dances really well and it was delightful to watch her dancing so freely and like nobody’s watching.

As the likability of songs matches one by one we also started joining the dance group. And I saw she is already dancing with other groups but it was too much fun dancing with your old friends and feeling the same enthusiasm which we use to in our college days.
I still exactly remember that only me and Akrati are dancing (music was even louder now) I love dancing but more than that she loves it even more. she was so happy and just want to keep on dancing. The steps were perfect on the beat and every time she gets it right that smile on her face says it all.
The feeling was special to see your best friend being so happy at that very moment.

I wish your love for dancing keeps on increasing in the coming years, Akrati.



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