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Happy to introduce you all with a new section called “Friends Corner”. So we will share interesting stories of our friends. Hope you all enjoy reading them.

So this week I have chosen 4 best friends from different phases of my life – school, college, and work. And trust me these stories are close to my heart. Read them to have more insights about my friend’s life and how it crosses over my life too.


#Story 1

It was a very unusual day for me so far not very good you can say. But hey you never know about surprises life is going to throw at you. Since our facility was on leave, others come to engage the class. There are 2 girls and one gentleman so they interacted nicely with the class and some discussion has started.
One of our friends was standing and explaining something. As usually I am not listening and thinking of something else at that point in time which our gentlemen has also observed. So he told me to stand up and ask me the meaning of some English word (which I don’t know till date) so I said I don’t know and sit down. But my friend, Mayank feel like you who is he my best friend how can you do this with him. So he went on to the stage and started praising me a lot and he said :

“I really want to say something about my friend,I have learnt that hard work, ambitions and passion will always make you succeed in life(he is actually refering to a project I have done in college. And not only me everyone should learnt that skill from him. He is truly a gem , he helps everyone and take care of his friends very much.I am feeling like truly emotional and tears are just to come out of my eyes.”

Everyone starts clapping and cheering for me. Ohh we forget about our gentlemen he magically disappears from the classroom after listening to all of this. That day I learned one thing about Mayank that he truly cares for his friends and I am so proud of him.

#Story 2

This is the day we all are short of one thing TIME. Actually, we are supposed to catch a train and only a few minutes are left. We are around 14-15 friends traveling together. Some along with few others have managed to have our seats while few of them are still at the station left behind. I just step down to see if anyone needs help and then I met Aakanksha Singhal, I told her to get in the train. As I saw one more friend struggling with her heavy luggage but hey TIMES UP. The train started moving forward so we just get in from the door in front of us. We assume that Akanksha also gets in but then came the call.

She was still in the station thinking that we all left and leaves her alone. So she started crying(extremely sorry for that), all people gathered around to help her. But the moment she came to know there are others as well around then she is completely fine.

But this incident even today when it crosses my mind left a smile on my face that see how sometimes situation came as surprises in all our lives.

#Story 3

This one friend is truly special and the way he has handled all the situations coming his way is really inspiring for me at least. My mom always told me, see how even after going through so much he still stood up and living his life happily. I also feel the same way about him. I am talking about my school friend, Shashank Kashiv. When I met him in school for the very first time my mind correctly told me to be friend with him at your risk. He is hilarious make you laugh all the time, don’t take life very seriously(my assumptions) and good looking too.
But as the life moves forward, he emerges strong much more than I have imagined.

So kudos to you Shashank for giving me so much respect and being there for me always.

#Stroy 4

Now, this is my very favorite story. A one which even I don’t why I remember as well. It begins with a room where on one side decision makers are there and on the other side we students. And there comes a point where only me and Nancy are in front of our facilities(as all other friends choose to go out of the room) trying to explain our point of view. But I believe that was not the right time so I hold her, to stop as the discussion is going in the wrong direction and we are far away from what we want to achieve. We came out and that when she turned up to me and said :

Nancy – Hey Gaurav, thanks for being with me in that situation.
Gaurav – and I am like always there for you my friend.

That moment always feels special which make your friendship even stronger. She is truly a dear friend of mine. A girl with a golden heart.

So these are my friend’s stories. Surely many more to come in future with many such great friends. Hope you all enjoy reading them. Do let me know your favorite story from the above mentioned once.

Happy Reading !!!!


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