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FlashBack 2018

January 1st 2018

It was a bright sunny day, I wake up early that day..its new year and as my mom says its the first day of the year(things you do on this day last for at least a year). So I took a bath, pray to god and go out to meet my friend Nikhil (I believe now you all know him better:)

I forget to tell you the surprise we are going to attend a techfest @ IIT Bombay and this place is truly dreaming place for me. I always wanted to visit an IIT campus, see here I got a chance to be in the same. It really great experience there – beautiful campus, technology geeks, some great inventions and lots of young aspiring engineers(like I was a few years back). Ok, there are many girls around as well and we enjoy the environment. One more interesting thing is food stalls (tasty Indian food), now who can resist that.

After some time one of my friends also jumps in to meet us on the campus. Anliesh (my controversial friend hahaha) bcoz post meeting him this happen –

“On stage, competition is going on hosted by a beautiful girl now it’s obvious to participate in that for him. And we as a friend are also cheering for our buddy. The best part is he won the competition, and then THE END (like the same happens with him all the time :P). But hey still he is my best friend the one who is available for me all the time”.

So overall it’s a great day. A kick start of this very new year. Hey there a lot of surprises for me as well so let’s move ahead.

The Last Day

Exactly after two days, I have a big day coming as its a chapter end of my life. I am leaving one of my favorite organizations and also all the friends I have made during this course of time. It was hard for me but as they say –

“You may not always end up where you thought you were going. But will always end up where you are meant to be.” 

It was a nice day altogether my friends arrange a farewell party for me. Cake cutting and yes gift (I just love them :). Just recollecting I have started this journey in 2014 from a place called “Trivandrum”. It was truly a great working experience for me and I am grateful of all the people for making me a better version of myself.

New Beginnings

Another important day to start up a new journey of my life, that really feels special but to see more young talents like you make it’s more exciting. So we all meet up to share our experiences. We all are like the newborn once who don’t know what to do (we don’t have access as well by that time). Surely there are few highlights from which we can take our eyes off:

  1. The Dome – It was really beautiful and finally we came to know it is a meeting room which even we can book, the view is just perfect from there.
  2. Open Air Aquarium –  Honestly, I have seen anything like this for the very first time in my life. There are different kinds of fishes(with different attitudes as well, some are lazy, few are jumping here and there – very active and some want to come out and see the world it felt).

Another big question in all of our mind is how the food? And it is not that bad (good in many terms) there are many options for everyone to have food of their choice.

Donut worry be happy

So I have met her the very first day, Prateeksha. There are many common things like we came from same organizations (I found only one hahaha). So this is how the story unfolds –

We both are in the canteen, we end up having good food(I don’t exactly remember what we have that day) but who cares too. So, as a sweet dish (gulab jamuns) are available (in few numbers by that time). I like them surely but my friend she just loves them. So I am standing there having 2 pieces of gulab jamuns (now any decent human being will have one and offer one to his/her friend) but no she had it both of them 😛 and I am like what just happened with me(u can’t do that in my mind hahaha). But then I looked at her expressions and then I thought I will have it some another day or so. She is so happy after that.

I have learned one thing from her that day see how we all get too busy with our lives that we forget to enjoy little things in our life(which truly gives us happiness). Yes, that is another quality that my friend is having.

But now I have got a new friend happy cheerful and one who values the friendship most.

So this is how the start of 2018 was very memorable for me. But there are a lot of surprises this year has given me. Surely lots of stories are coming your way. Keeping checking this space.

Happy Reading!!!!


6 thoughts on “FlashBack 2018

  1. 2018 leaves behind beautiful memories. What about 2019? How did you celebrate New year? Looking forward to more stories. Great writing style. Keep it up. Best wishes for 2019.

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