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Episode 3 – Bas Itna Sa Khaab Hain

It was exactly 3 months back when it was extremely dark up in the sky, winds were blowing much faster than the normal days (I mean the hot and sunny once: P) and weather forecast team has already declared a high alert in Mumbai. It was afternoon 3:00PM when this new was flashing in every media houses and we could see glimpse of the outside situation how people are stuck in traffic, it was water all around the places, the life line of Mumbai (Local Trains) were also stopped.

Don’t you think it was such a dark start to my story (don’t worry this is not a horror one.: P). Now let’s meet our friend who was still busy in day dreaming (I am sure he was at some beautiful location with a girl trying to impress her with SRK dialogues – “Nikhil, naam to suna hoga!!!! 😊”). Omg I forget to introduce my friend “Nikhil Khedekar”.

Trust me he has no idea about the weather outside. Ideally, he should be at home but he even doesn’t watch news channels (he was surely going to be in trouble). So, our friend he is a Mumbaikar as you know by now, a superb painter/sketcher. SRK fan (clearly from his dream…: D) and a young boy with lots of hope and aspiration in life living in the city of dreams. (Like that song ankhoon main sapne liye ghar se hum chal to diye jaane ye rahe le jayegngi kaha..:P).

Breaking News :Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm Hit Mumbai, Sky Turns Dark 

At 4:30PM, we are all instructed to leave the office as early as possible as it was continuously raining and transport services are highly impacted by the same. Everyone was a bit scared at that time and really for the first time in past 2 ½ years I felt like it would be great if my family was also here in Mumbai with me. (I will feel more secure at least…:().

Then suddenly I received a call from Nikhil’s father saying to take care of his son and not let him go outside alone (I can feel the anxiety and tension in his voice). I respond back by giving him assurance that I will take care of your son. He insists me to come to their home as it would be safe for both of us. And trust me I felt so heart warmth that finally I found a family in Mumbai. 🙂
Really it took around 5-6 hours to reach his home that day and his parents are also waiting for us from very long. Even my parents felt relaxed as now I got a secure place to spent the night at least.

I really felt like being at home once I reached there. His mother had prepared a tasty dinner for us and it was a truly a heart-warming gesture from his family.

A Talented Boy

After few days of our friendship I came to know that he does painting and sketching very well. I come across few of his art work when became friends at social media. I found a different approach in his painting style. I saw sketch of some famous personalities which he had made and he is really able to draw the emotion on paper very well that they look real (hmm quite an artistic review 😊).

I feel the reflection that comes through his work is really honest and innocent (that is how he really is as a person).
You should also take a glimpse of his work:

Jabra Fan

I know this title suits me very much but I am sure even Nikhil deserves this one equally as he is also an ultimate Shahrukh Khan Fan. But that is really something which has made us good friends quickly. We use to discuss about SRK work, movies, dialogues, songs and it was an endless topic for both of us. The one more common this I found between us is the goodness and values we follow with regards to our friends and dedication towards the work is quite same.

Since we both are Jabra fans of the best lover in the world (u know who is he…: D) we do believe in the magic of love.

A Younger me

I am the youngest in my family (sabse jawaan I mean: P) so I never really had a chance see how it feel like to be elder to someone. With Nikhil I feel like he is my younger brother (#famousquote Brother from another Mother. :)). I felt really young when I saw his energy level, enthusiasm and passion towards the life. I believe whenever I am with him some of his energy gets rubs on me as well. I also started feeling much younger, smarter and cooler at the age of 24.
I really see a younger me in him (although a year younger only: P).

Podcast With Nikhil Khederkar

You can enjoy my conversation with Nikhil on my podcast show. Since by now you all know Nikhil very well I believe you all really enjoy our podcast. Happy Listening!!!

Final Words

I really wish him all the best for his career. I hope you will be same like the way you are now in terms of believes, thoughts and energy level. I know you have big dreams and aspirations to fulfil but remember my friend It is important to achieve success in life but you have to take care of your friends and family.
And ya you must believe in yourself because my boy only you have the power to change the world.

You can be friends with Nikhil via Social Media:




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