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Episode 1 – I AM THE BEST

Today I would like to introduce one of my dearest friend who knows all the answers we are searching for and even if he don’t know he will simple ask you “Did you mean this?” No I am not talking about one of the best search engine available in Internet today. I am talking about a person who is much more interesting , intelligent and ya handsome too. He is “Mr. Ankit Gupta” or as I called him with due respect “guptaji“.

The First meeting

Actually I am trying to recall the time when we first met but I think my memory gets blurred. The memory that is saved in my hard disc is when I saw him first time on stage in our fresher’s party. So there are bunch of students called up on stage to do some stuff given by seniors. The task is to wear a complete saree and dance too in the song playing there. We all are crazy, shouting and supporting them but also bit of afraid, next humara number aayega. But the spirit guptaji has shown when he came to know they will give prize to the best performance, he just grabs the saree, wear it like he does it daily and started dancing already with his superb energy wherein other guys are like struggling what to do with this piece of cloth or some are feeling awkward that they are on stage. And I am like shocked by guptaji performance, no one is expecting this from him even the girls gone mad. His performance has really gave us confidence that we can also do it (I have also performed later).Everyone has seen a different guptaji that day. The cool one.

Ankit Gupta

Golden Words

Next series of instance which I would never forget in my life (not sure guptaji remember this or not). We are sitting in our computer labs for some training session.( I must tell you guptaji love computers and he can either take your life or give his own if you don’t behave properly with computer. Hahaha :P) So there is this person(I will not reveal the name) is on his own mood and someone who is not much interested in sitting and learning computers. Me and guptaji both are there , suddenly he try to start the machine and machine is having some technical problem it is not getting started and this person started abusing even the computer and then hitting the keyboard, dragging the mouse, hitting the CPU(Central Processing Unit #fullform). We both are looking at the drama going on but I am a kind of person who will make his own business and I didn’t said anything. Ignoring like I have not seen anything. But guptaji is not the same as me(I love this about him), he just turned up and said to this person(with his quite charm, wittedness and the anger that he was controlling inside). And these are the golden words (I still remember them clearly) :

“Listen, you should respect somethings in life at least thoughs which are making your life better, easier and faster. This is how you treat your friends and family ,No. So why you are treating him(he is referring to computer here) like that. Though it doesn’t have feelings in it but trust me brother if you treat him well, he will always respond you the same way always.”

And I am like oh man, I want to give him standing ovation for this. I never turn around and tell him about this , neither I have the courage nor I got the opportunity(till now). But I have learnt a lesson that Day. Now every time I start my Computer/laptop(new one) I give them the respect they deserver and trust me I always get the best response from them. That day I too started loving computers.

Introduction to C/C++

The next bit that I wanted to share are quite personal feelings they are also the moments which has changed my perspective towards guptaji or has shown a new side of him. This memory is caught in my head from the day it has happened don’t know the reason why. I think even guptaji also remember that. So this is our first training session for C++ in our college. We all are excited to learn as it is the necessity of time(at that time only). Now as I have already mentioned regarding the advancement of guptaji, he was already updated regarding the same. He has learnt the same in school. But that the greatness of him that he still helps everyone in coming to the same level he is in. He is really helping in nature(like if you call him at 4AM in the morning he will compromise his sleep and help u although it has be a computer related query :P). Now what happened was we are giving test on the last day of the training we are still sitting quite close to each other. So we are discussing the stuff and giving the answers(but trust me it is really tough to convince guptaji) so what happen next is , only 1 min has left and we both are stuck at the same question , I am not sure about the answer as always but this I must say on record guptaji is also not sure about it hahaha( ab aaya na mazza) but the time is limitation.

Me : Guptji mujhe ‘A’ lag raha hai and I am giving really shitty reasons for that . And then guptaji turned up and said.

Guptaji : “12th main C/C++ kisne padhi hai??”

Me: (in my shivering voice) “tumne” (in my head)

But till then, guptaji has already marked his answer and submit the paper.You want to know the funniest part, “guptaji ka answer wrong that hahahaha…”. And I am like ye kaise ho gaya. I have got a mark better than him as he himself told me ,I am wrong your right, mark option ‘A’.

This instance has taught me that even If u are the best(Mr. google) you should accept your short falls(like guptaji did). But there are few times which guptaji has told me , make me realize even he feels insecure, sometimes stressed or out of the place.  One such instance is when we are giving our 2nd semester exams and I am to scared about what happen next. Then I saw guptaji very uncomfortable & sad and I am like “Kaisa tha paper guptaji”. He told he also crashed it but then he said I felt really down yr. I literally have to sit back in library and told myself everything would be fine, just relax. These are his words and I am like I though only I gone through these emotions but someone who I lookup to also feels the same .That day I realize even though he loves computers and he is the best in his field, he also feel scared sometimes.

It’s PJ Time

The another instance , if could have happen with me or anyone else will definitely not come to college atleast for a week and so. Now our viva of the subject ” Data Structures” was going on and suddenly we have been told to write programs on PC and they will be evaluated.(I started remembering what is the last time I have written a program and it complied successfully :P). But like we said “one man army” our guptaji is all ready with his header files, syntax, if , for loop, while loop to mash it up the battle but that’s not the complete story (picture Abhi baki hai mere dost). Then Mr. PJ(can’t reveal the #fullform here) he started asking tough questions with everyone. I can clearly see as one by one students are getting eliminated , guptaji’s confidence is going up only bcoz he is the only one who has written the code properly, complied it and it is working (without any errors/warnings) he is really (Mr. google) that time too. Now the tragedy begins –

PJ has not even seen his code ,the moment he told him that it is  working as expected. He ask some sort of memory based question (I am unsure as I am not in the class at that time). Now by the time guptaji fetches the data(answer) from his 1TB memory space with processing speed of 2.5GHz and 100% hit ration, PJ has already asked him the question again(he is supercomputer too). But the same answer is already stored in guptaji’s cache memory(Please read about cache memory to understand it better :P) and so again the same answer came as the output and Mr. PJ goes out of memory exception(Array Index out of bound). The next moment just no one is expecting he has slapped guptaji. There is a pin drop silent. PJ has move forward without realizing what he has done but you know the greatest quality of a champion , guptaji has kept all the emotions inside his heart forever. I realize it the very next day when he is there explaining it to everyone about the incident what exactly happened and the best part is he is not treating himself as a victim(like everyone else is seeing him). He has really come up strong out of it he told everyone the story but never said anything about Mr. PJ(that’s his best quality). That ‘s the greatness when you know you are the best(Mr. google) you should always respect someone better than you(supercomputer). Guptaji knows it all.

Now if I keep going on I can make a movie on guptaji’s life(may be one day :p) but there are such other instance with him which I always cherish like the Mphasis Interview , the counter strike at this house , TCS selection day and many more.

There is one more instance (short one but important) when I really felt poor about a company which has rejected guptaji and I am like you really don’t know the art to pickup the gem.(“Wo khete hai na, here ki asali parakh johri ko hoti hai”). I won’t mention the company here 😛 . But to end it up I would like to say it was my pleasure or I say I am blessed to have a friend like guptaji(Mr. google) which I will never found in my lifetime again.

I am extremely happy to welcome you all in the podcast. This time we have invited a very special guest I think you all know him very well by now. Yes Mr. Ankit Gupta. Do listen to our conversation and find out why he is named as google, some interesting place for foods, about computers, coding and friends. I hope you all enjoy it.

Happy Listening !!!

Podcast with Ankit Gupta

If you also want to be friends with guptaji , get in touch with him via mentioned links :

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Email : 




12 thoughts on “Episode 1 – I AM THE BEST

  1. Hey Gaurav awesome, liked alot the way u portrayed the entire story. But I dint remember that PJ incident. Is it really happened. But why PJ slapped him.

    1. till what I remember…he asked 5 characteristics of array/pointers… I told him all… then he asked me to repeat them again… while repeating I got nervous and missed out 1….rest Gaurav has explained very well ☺

      1. Oh, thats PJ everyone has some incident happened with him. Without that ur engineering is incomplete.

      1. Yeah, heard that. Really the chup shup session was very nice. Haha yeah I know for what u r talking about, but really didn’t remember anything like that.

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