Episode 1 – I AM THE BEST

Today I would like to introduce one of my dearest friend who knows all the answers we are searching for and even if he don’t know he will simple ask you “Did you mean this?” No I am not talking about one of the best search engine available in Internet today. I am talking about a person who is much more interesting , intelligent and ya handsome too. He is “Mr. Ankit Gupta” or as I called him with due respect “guptaji“. Continue reading “Episode 1 – I AM THE BEST”

Episode 3 – Bas Itna Sa Khaab Hain

It was exactly 3 months back when it was extremely dark up in the sky, winds were blowing much faster than the normal days (I mean the hot and sunny once: P) and weather forecast team has already declared a high alert in Mumbai. It was afternoon 3:00PM when this new was flashing in every media houses and we could see glimpse of the outside situation how people are stuck in traffic, it was water all around the places, the life line of Mumbai (Local Trains) were also stopped.

Don’t you think it was such a dark start to my story (don’t worry this is not a horror one.: P). Now let’s meet our friend who was still busy in day dreaming (I am sure he was at some beautiful location with a girl trying to impress her with SRK dialogues – “Nikhil, naam to suna hoga!!!! 😊”). Omg I forget to introduce my friend “Nikhil Khedekar”.

Trust me he has no idea about the weather outside. Ideally, he should be at home but he even doesn’t watch news channels (he was surely going to be in trouble). So, our friend he is a Mumbaikar as you know by now, a superb painter/sketcher. SRK fan (clearly from his dream…: D) and a young boy with lots of hope and aspiration in life living in the city of dreams. (Like that song ankhoon main sapne liye ghar se hum chal to diye jaane ye rahe le jayegngi kaha..:P).

Breaking News :Heavy Rain, Thunderstorm Hit Mumbai, Sky Turns Dark 

At 4:30PM, we are all instructed to leave the office as early as possible as it was continuously raining and transport services are highly impacted by the same. Everyone was a bit scared at that time and really for the first time in past 2 ½ years I felt like it would be great if my family was also here in Mumbai with me. (I will feel more secure at least…:().

Then suddenly I received a call from Nikhil’s father saying to take care of his son and not let him go outside alone (I can feel the anxiety and tension in his voice). I respond back by giving him assurance that I will take care of your son. He insists me to come to their home as it would be safe for both of us. And trust me I felt so heart warmth that finally I found a family in Mumbai. 🙂
Really it took around 5-6 hours to reach his home that day and his parents are also waiting for us from very long. Even my parents felt relaxed as now I got a secure place to spent the night at least.

I really felt like being at home once I reached there. His mother had prepared a tasty dinner for us and it was a truly a heart-warming gesture from his family.

A Talented Boy

After few days of our friendship I came to know that he does painting and sketching very well. I come across few of his art work when became friends at social media. I found a different approach in his painting style. I saw sketch of some famous personalities which he had made and he is really able to draw the emotion on paper very well that they look real (hmm quite an artistic review 😊).

I feel the reflection that comes through his work is really honest and innocent (that is how he really is as a person).
You should also take a glimpse of his work:

Jabra Fan

I know this title suits me very much but I am sure even Nikhil deserves this one equally as he is also an ultimate Shahrukh Khan Fan. But that is really something which has made us good friends quickly. We use to discuss about SRK work, movies, dialogues, songs and it was an endless topic for both of us. The one more common this I found between us is the goodness and values we follow with regards to our friends and dedication towards the work is quite same.

Since we both are Jabra fans of the best lover in the world (u know who is he…: D) we do believe in the magic of love.

A Younger me

I am the youngest in my family (sabse jawaan I mean: P) so I never really had a chance see how it feel like to be elder to someone. With Nikhil I feel like he is my younger brother (#famousquote Brother from another Mother. :)). I felt really young when I saw his energy level, enthusiasm and passion towards the life. I believe whenever I am with him some of his energy gets rubs on me as well. I also started feeling much younger, smarter and cooler at the age of 24.
I really see a younger me in him (although a year younger only: P).

Podcast With Nikhil Khederkar

You can enjoy my conversation with Nikhil on my podcast show. Since by now you all know Nikhil very well I believe you all really enjoy our podcast. Happy Listening!!!

Final Words

I really wish him all the best for his career. I hope you will be same like the way you are now in terms of believes, thoughts and energy level. I know you have big dreams and aspirations to fulfil but remember my friend It is important to achieve success in life but you have to take care of your friends and family.
And ya you must believe in yourself because my boy only you have the power to change the world.

You can be friends with Nikhil via Social Media:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iam_nvk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikhil.khedekar.10



20th December 2016 01:16pm

It’s my best friend’s birthday and u know what all my friends have forget that too. Actually, he is in US right now. I really forget the place but u know it is the feeling which is important right. Oh, let me introduce you with Mr. Akshay Nanda, the Rockstar of our college. He is just amazing and he is girls favourite too (ye zada ho gaya..:P). He sings well, acts well and looks smart too. But that is not why he is my best friend. Let me take you to the story how we met the first meet.

Akshay Nanda Poster

The Phone Call

I didn’t remember the exact moment when we first met but I remember the day when one night before the exam someone called me asking about how much syllabus I have covered and I was like what?  I still remember that this is the first I talked with Akshay and I must tell it is not the time when we were the best friends. So just after cutting the call, I said to my sister:

“Do you know someone wants to know how much I have studied?”

And I thought like why someone you don’t know much is calling you at 11:30pm and asking how much you have studied. But I must tell that is the one phone call which I remember after which we became the “BEST STUDY PARTNERS”. He used to call me and we decide the schedule of how much we need to prepare for the exams and everything sort off. Along with that we used to chat some stuff about movies, sports and the only topic which boys love to discuss, yes “GIRLS”…Hahaha and that too one night before the exam in our break time.

The Study Partners

I should also mention one of my friend who also was part of our group ya that study planning group, her name is “Durva Das”. She is like the most studious girl in the class. One of my friend (Anubhav) use to call her Naina Talwar of YJHD (Ye Jaawani hai Deewani :P). She is also the part of our plans but since she was not able to awake till very late. So, she did all the study in the day time and sleeps soon. We boys passes the whole day time and then study at night, what a tragedy. But I must tell those days (or I should nights) in which we use to study for our exams are unforgettable. I don’t know how much I have learnt about the subject in those nights but definitely I have learnt that love, friendship and care teach you best lessons of your life. My both friends “Durva & Akshay” are really close to my heart, I never forget them ever or I must say I don’t want to forget them.

I think before we should move ahead it’s time you should listen to the Part-1 of our Podcast with Akshay Nanda. I am sure you all really have fun listening to the story of Akshay. Enjoy!!!

Podcast with Akshay Nanda – Part 1


The Friend Who Cares

So these are the early days of our college and the admission processes are going on , we all are also busy in various office works like submitting the documents and all. So it was a very hectic day for our friend “Mayank Shrivastava” as well. He didn’t even get time to have lunch in the break time. And when post work he came to his desk there is this gentleman Mr. Akshay, who has taken out his lunch box and put it in front of Mayank saying:

Aki : Yr tujhe bhook lagi hogi na, tune kuch khaya nahi hai din bharse.

Manku : Bade bhai(loud) , tune mere liye khana bacha ke rakha.(Always remember when ur tired and stressed out , Food is the answer.)

That is the day when they both become good friends. I came to know about the story at later point in time but that really make feel like “ye sahi banda hai yr’.

 Mr. Rockstar

This is the time when we all are preparing for our performance in the fresher party. And yup Mr. Akshay and his team too are going to perform. (Yes got it right “The Bench Bangers”). It is was a night before the party and one of our friend just said to us :

Tum logo ko lagta hai Akshay perform kar payega aache se I mean he is performing on “we will rock you” but his voice is not like that at all(quite a technical description :P) and we are also like ya he may be or may not be able to perform that well.

And then we got busy in our own performances. Then came the next day and the time when Bench Bangers came to the stage, we all are like what is going to happen now. And the performance starts, you should believe me within 5 mins of the performance everyone in the hall was jumping around (shouting “we will we will rock you”). And really Akshay and his team has set the stage on fire. The performance was finally over and then guess who is standing next to me yes the same friend. He said to me “Bhai in logo ne toh aag laga di stage pe….Kya gaana gaya hai Akshay ne yr”. And turst me I am the happiest person in that moment. Really, his performance has given us the confidence to perform well too. That’s how Akshay became the Mr. Rockstar of our college.

When Rockstar met Hero

Now, in the next year of our college when our juniors have arrived again a party has been organized and yes everyone was like Akshay will have to perform and this time I am also wondering now what’s new Akshay will do in his performance. He is also smart even this time he has decided to perform with a partner and yes, he is “Anubhav Mishra”. First of all, it is difficult to convince anubhav for singing and that too on stage. But that’s the quality of Akshay (you know he acts really well). Now this time the energy level, enthusiasms and expectations are very high from them and the best part is the songs that they have choose that has really helped in building up the environment (or I should say “mahool”..:P). Two of my fav songs from movie Rock on – the title track and phechle saath dino se. They both performed really well. Trust me that is the only memorable performance from the party to me at least. And we all have seen a hidden singer inside our friend Anubhav that day.

The Viva Tragedy

This incident might look funny now or an enactment that only Akshay can do in that serious situation. I hope his lab partners do remember this situation in which they are just because of Akshay.

An external (someone from other college/university) came for the viva of one the subjects in 2nd year of our college. Since no one is able to answer him properly he has put up this condition that he will ask one-one question to each related to the practical given to them. (quite simple..is it? :P) . Now the viva begins, sir started asking questions to each and every one and no one is able to answer it properly but he has forgotten to ask question to a very special person in the room (bas yahi nahi hona tha…hahahah) yes Mr. Akshay Nanda. He said everyone to leave the room since he was not satisfied with anyone’s answer. Everyone rushed out of the room to protect themselves from more embracement but suddenly Akshay said:

Sir, Apne kaha tha sabse ek ek question poochenge aur mujhse toh poocha hi nahi. (and everyone was like…: P)

Sir is like ohh , come back everyone we will start again and reevaluate the marks given to everyone (Note: this is our final viva for the subject) and everyone was like ab toh gaye. The funny part is that again no one is able to answer the questions and yes our Akshay too. After coming out of the room everyone is like – ye tune kya kiya..hahahaha. And I am like koi nahi Akshay ho jata hai kabhi kabhi.:)

US Return

This is when I am meeting Akshay after very long time (though we have a skype chat yesterday). He is returning from US. I don’t know but when we return to our own country we pre assume that all our friends and family members are waiting outside the airport shouting “Mera Akshay aa gaya” and Akshay be like “Maa, tumhe har baar pata kaise chal jata hai mere  aane se phele “.(too filmy right.. :P).

This is what is going on his head (I know him better) but the minute he stepped out of the airport, the bubble around him just blasts because I am the only one standing there to pick him up (or I should his heavy 24kg bags just kidding). But really it felt so good when you meet your best friend after so long. And then suddenly question started coming from his side:

Aki : Baki sab kaha hai???

GT: Koi nahi aaya Akshay. Sirf main aaya hu.

Aki : Accha sab mujhe surprise dene wale hai kya.(I am like de toh diya already..:P)

GT : Nahi Akshay sirf main hi aay hu. Ab chale ghar?

Post 10mins we take a CAB to go my place and again he is like:

Aki: Aacha to sab log signal pe milne aane wale hai.

GT: (I am like shouting!!!!) Akshay mere bhai koi nahi aane wala ab..:P. This is my look:

My Reaction

And the moment he realizes actually no one has come, all the gifts he has bought for other friends suddenly became my property (just for time being). Akshay is like:

Are tiwariji  ye sab apke liye hi hai aur baki sabko toh main dekh lunga. Tum ye toffee kaho US ki special wali….hahahahha.

Now to hear more stories about Akshay, listen to the part -2 of our Podcast with Akshay Nanda. Happy Listening!!!!

Podcast with Akshay Nanda – Part 2


Final words

“Be always the way like you are…super cool , super funny and the one who understand and care too. We all are with you in not matter what decisions you take in life, somethings might go wrong or right but we are all always with you. Thank you so much Akshay for being such a good friend. I am blessed to have a friend like you.”


If you also want to be friends with Akshay , get in touch with him via mentioned links :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/akshaynanda91

Email : aki.nanda7@gmail.com